Friday, 10 February 2012

There are some things we just don't know ...

A lot of religions have a 'promise' of an afterlife. Many people say they have heard messages from 'the other side'. Many people have had near death experiences. I've not had any of this myself, although I have little if any doubt that these people's experiences are real.

Once I left religion, I didn't have any promise of an afterlife, and for a little while was not interested in anything to with the word 'God'. As things started to unfold, I became more interested in authentic spirituality, and kind of 'rediscovered' God. Although now, I don't believe that God is a person. I don't even believe that there is 'a' God. I prefer to think of God as the energy that guides the universe.

If you take away the promise of an afterlife, Christianity and probably most other religions lose their credibility - but let's be honest, does anyone really KNOW what's going to happen after death? Does it even matter? As long as there isn't the hell that religions threaten you with - and boy has religion given God a bad name - then I don't think it does. I think it's possible to believe in God, believe in angels, and believe that there is a higher power than what science can prove - and at the same time acknowledge that there are some things that we cannot be certain of.

As all the great spiritual teachers say, living in the present moment is the best way to be. Acknowledging the amazing creation that is earth, having reverence for life, enjoying what we have, and not trying to work things out that are uncertain. We may well have visions of future lives, or past lives - but we need to do our best to enjoy life just as it is ..

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