Saturday, 12 May 2012

Food and 'emotional eating'

I've never really spoken much if at all about this subject on my blog. But now must be the right time to do so :)

I guess most men are more likely to use alcohol to deal with their 'inner demons'. Fortunately, I was never particularly fond of the taste of alcohol, never felt 'drawn' to it and so alcohol was never going to be a vice - and now I don't drink at all. Probably a good thing too, with my addictive personality being like it is.

But I do have a massively sweet tooth and really like chocolate and cakes - and they are usually my drug of choice when I feel tensions mounting up inside of me. And sometimes it is difficult for me to resist, especially when I am having a stressful day at work and it is impossible to sit back and relax or meditate.

Fortunately, I am hardly ever physically ill. I missed 4 days of work due to a horrible sickness bug last November, but I haven't been ill since then. But eating chocolate and junk food hasn't done much good to my teeth and I am consciously aware that my eating habits are not hugely healthy.  I'm not saying that I don't eat any healthy stuff - I do (occasionally lol) but there is no doubt that food and emotions go hand in hand -  more so for women, although I dare say there's a fair few men that eat to drown emotions too - the number of overweight males probably points to this - and also there are some women that use alcohol.

I would also point out that I'm not one to say that eating chocolate should be 'bad' - I find it hard to believe that God is of the opinion that cakes and pizzas and cheese are 'evil' - (and cheese is damn good too) - and our taste buds are here for a reason. So I don't have any plans to have a raw vegetable diet anytime soon.

Eating to excess is probably not as dangerous as drinking to excess. But, whatever our 'drug' is, if we find ourselves turning to it when we are feeling shit, maybe we need to stay present when this feeling arises and let it be, rather than use food/alcohol etc to numb it. It is hard, and for me chocolate, cakes, cheese etc are very enticing. I'm not perfect, and don't expect my eating habits to change overnight. It's still a case of 'one day' I will eat more healthily, really. But maybe if I can find some really nice, healthy stuff to eat, things could change. Too bad that lychees are only available part of the year. They are damn good.

But I guess I just wanted to bring this 'issue' of mine into the open, maybe it will help me face it a bit better ...

Peace and blessings

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