Friday, 29 June 2012

Perspective .. remembering what you have achieved

Like many people, I can get frustrated that 'my life' does not seem to be going anywhere. Of course, life is not just about your 'success stories', but I think it's only natural to want to be successful in various aspects of life, as long as you are not solely defined by them.

So anyhow, I think it's easy to focus on what we haven't achieved .. and often easier to focus on our failures rather than successes. I think sometimes we need to give ourselves a good reminder of our successes .. and I believe that we can find them.

A few years ago, I was still living in the south of England, a nice enough place for sure (see picture below) but I had become somewhat bored with it .. trying to be a square peg in a round hole through Christianity (that's not to say Christianity is wrong and it certainly works for some people, and I did had a great church environment and good friends), and was still very insecure and low on self confidence.

It was the worst time of my life when the faith I had held dear for so long completely crumbled through a crazy chain of events, and I could never go through anything nearly as bad again. But it was a wake up call and probably the reason why my life turned around.

I have since managed to set up home in a different part of the country, which I now consider home, and a few months ago moved to a lovely town which is also within a few minutes drive of the Yorkshire Dales, have managed to get behind the steering wheel of my life a bit more, I am now following a different spiritual pathway (which is quite something really) and have managed to find a job I enjoy doing again and that suits my skills set - it took a while to get back on track with career. Sure, there are things I still struggle with .. but I am learning, very gradually, to be a bit happier with what IS.

It's worth getting a bit of positive perspective at times .. whilst I'm not really into the 'super positive, everything is wonderful, I am manifesting abundance everyday' outlook, a bit of positive input rarely does you any harm.


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