Sunday, 22 July 2012

Living away from home .. what is it like for me

I'm strongly of the opinion that a change of scenery is something that is very worthwhile for people to do. Of course, it may not be necessary for some. If you love the place where you grew up, are settled there and your family are there, then there is no real reason to move. I know some people who love their hometown, and that is great. But, for me, moving location has made me grow so much as a person, that I am sure it is a good thing to do, even if you end up moving back home. It's not necessarily easy, though. But if you really want a change, I believe it can be done.

I guess part of the reason I moved might be because I'm a frustrated traveller. I would like to travel more but have never had much money for it, and travelling on a budget or doing a working holiday does not appeal to me. I just love seeing different places. I come from the coast, near to some lovely beaches, but I just wanted something different .. I need sufficient variety in my life to keep me sane lol.

So I moved 275 miles away to start a new life in 2007, and five and a half years later I now live in a beautiful small town just north of Leeds, where I originally moved to. So .. what differences has living away from home made to my life?

Well, obviously I can't see my family every week anymore. That's an obvious drawback, but I think me being away has helped improved my relationship with my parents, and I'm sure they would concur. And of course, it makes the times that I do see them more meaningful.

It hasn't been at all difficult settling into a new location, I think it was something that was always in my destiny to do so I've taken to living up north almost like a duck to water. Yes it can be quite isolating at times living a bit off the beaten track, but I'm not far from the city and I'd probably have similar issues if I was still living down south.

It still feels a bit of an adventure living up north. I definitely think it's harder to appreciate the place you grew up than it would be if you had never lived there, and I do find easier to appreciate the beautiful towns and scenery in Yorkshire. I guess it just feels the 'right' place to be. Sometimes, when I feel lonely, I almost wish I could want to move back down south, and wonder how on earth I ended up in Otley, but I do believe I am supposed to be where I am and that the new friends I need will come. It almost feels surreal that I moved somewhere else after so long down south.

There are obviously no beaches near where I live now, but there is the Yorkshire Dales nearby, I think Yorkshire and Dorset are both beautiful in their own way, but quite different, and I like the difference in scenery and buildings and the different kinds of towns that exist up here.

Perhaps most of all, moving location helped me to really start afresh after some bad times. I don't necessarily believe that moving location is the answer to everyone's problems, but for me it was an important thing to do and definitely the best thing I ever did.

If you dream of moving somewhere else, don't give up on your dream.

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