Sunday, 5 August 2012

More thoughts on positive thinking

There are lots of inspirational/positive pages on Facebook. I actually cut down on the ones I 'Liked' because I was getting so much stuff on my News Feed .. and have kept my favourites. So I receive lots of positive messages, affirmations and that kind of stuff .. some of which is really helpful and all of which is good stuff. However, I sometimes think that it can almost make it seem like life should be a bed of roses .. when it isn't always. I think the key word for me is 'balance'. I'm certainly not in to all this super-positive, smiley, 'everything's wonderful, life couldn't be better' kind of stuff where people seem to be in a continuous state of living on a mountain top - it seems somewhat fake to me, and probably is to an extent.

And I guess, that positive thinking and positive living should really be about love .. choosing to love in spite of the way you feel .. believing that change is possible - for me, I believe in angels so calling upon them for help is important to me. You don't have to be happy all the time to love life and to be a beautiful person. For most of us, continuous happiness just isn't possible. But being grateful is always possible, even if you can only think of one thing. Saying 'yes' to life is always possible, even if you feel like giving up. And, for me, reading literature and seeing some of the positive thinking posts on my News Feed is helpful.

And if you don't feel positive .. and I have not been in a particularly positive state this weekend .. just do something, anything that will help raise your vibration/energy - listening to music works for me. Don't 'try' to feel positive - trying too hard doesn't generally achieve much. Meditation is also good.


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