Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Transition time

Part of the reason I haven't been blogging too much is because this is very much a time of transition for me, and in some ways I am finding my way through the maze a bit.

If you are serious about changing your life in order to do and be the best you can, be prepared to go through some 'stuff' - and also make sure that you persist when you are going through the mill a bit.

2012 has been quite a turbulent year for a lot of us, I am grateful for my beliefs that serve me and enable me to get out of tough situations a lot more easily than I used to.

Transition - certainly a big part of this is to start truly living from the heart. I have been very much in my head for most of my life and I have a mind that is very active. That may never change, but I can quieten the mind through meditation and contemplation, and connection with my heart.

The heart is all about love, and living in the present. The mind is all about fear, and living in the past and future. That's not to say that the mind is evil or should be completely discarded, but we cannot live entirely from our minds if we are to live a truly successful and fulfilled life.

It has been a slow and long process for me to get to where I am, and I am not where I want to be. There are some things which you can't overcome on your own, no matter how spiritual you are and how much you meditate or chant. I am also doing better at surrendering to the flow of life and what the Universe has to bring. We are in interesting times ..


  1. Hi Andy, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep it up.

  2. thanks mate. Enjoy receiving your emails - that's an advantage of not having you on Facebook!


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