Friday, 23 November 2012

Life's a jigsaw puzzle ...

Often times, we want to know what is going to happen or what steps we should take, ages before we need to take them.  Particularly if we are embarking on the road of uncertainty.

Let's take this scene - say I make plans to go travelling next year for 3 to 6 months (something which would be great). But then, I think about what's going to happen after I've been travelling. Will I have work to go to? Will I be able to earn money? Will I face complete uncertainty after I've returned?

These thoughts are not going to make things any better, in fact they would probably completely spoil the time I spend travelling.

It is important to be sensible about things. If I was freaking out about what would happen, I probably would decide not to go travelling. And it's important to have sufficient resources - if not money, then trust that the Universe will provide.

What I think is important is to go with your heart, what you KNOW is right. And when you decide to do anything significant, you may not know the bigger picture. If I had a burning desire to travel and knew it was the right thing to do and NOTHING would stop me, I may not have any idea what is going to happen in a year's time. I may end up on a completely unexpected pathway.

I think what's important is to go with the flow of the universe. Sometimes the universe will instruct us to stay where we are, even though we might want to do something we consider significant. We may not understand why, but we have to trust ...

Life doesn't reveal itself all at once, sometimes we have to just push our ego out of the way, that which wants us to stay safe and secure at all times, and do what our hearts tell us, even though we may not know the step to take beyond the step we are taking now.

I think, for me at least, I need to take the opportunity to be present and listen to my heart. There are some things in my life which are a little uncertain at the moment, and I struggle with uncertainty. Knowing that life may not work out exactly as we planned, but that the Universe knows what it's doing and has our best interests at heart .. that's a good place to start.

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