Sunday, 18 November 2012

We can help and teach others something .. whatever it may be

Many people write blogs about self-improvement, spiritual matters and the like. All of us I dare say want to give away some pearls of wisdom that will help people. We all have our unique outlooks, personalities and life experiences, and each one of us can have much to offer others.

Even though I don't necessarily feel that all my blog posts are particularly 'inspired' or give me a rush of fuzzy energy because I'm so proud of what I've written, I hope that, if anyone reads them, they might be able to take something away, even if (as is likely) they forget about what I've written soon after.

We are all teachers, even our weaknesses can help someone else that is going through similar situations.  What we might consider as fairly basic information may be just what someone else needs to hear at the time.

So it is good to keep writing exactly what we feel inspired to write at the time .. and not write something that is not 'us' in essence, or because we think it's what someone else wants to hear.

BE AUTHENTIC, GENUINE AND REAL. That is a good way to start and to serve others.

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