Sunday, 6 January 2013

Taking photos

So today I want to concentrate on the creative side of things and something that I have enjoyed doing for quite a few years .. taking photos. I joined up with the West Yorkshire Snappers meetup for the first time, where the objective is to focus on a particular area and take as many photos as you want, and then choose your top six. A very good idea. We were in Haworth, a slightly unusual but lovely place which is famous for being the home of the Bronte sisters. It is officially a village but is large enough to be a town. The main part of the village is a hilly cobbled street with shops that are thankfully not the normal retail claptrap, and also some good cafes.

Haworth has a bit of a nostalgia factor for me personally, as it was the place I stayed when I first visited Yorkshire with a view to moving up north. I wasn't exactly sure where I was going to move to first, but upon first visiting Yorkshire, I decided that it would be the place to be. I stayed in the youth hostel which is the other side of town, nearby to a few shops including a SPAR, and also the famous steam train station on the Keighley and Worth Valley Line. I didn't discover the main part of the village until 2 or 3 years later. The things you miss ..

So here are some pics I took. Hope you enjoy :) - my friend Jeanette certainly makes a good impression in one of them.

SAM_3521 SAM_3503 SAM_3499

All in all, an enjoyable day, made better now that the thing that has been stressing me out for the last few days has been more or less resolved.

Have a good week x

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