Saturday, 5 January 2013

Walking and the mild weather

As you do at the start of the new year, I have made intentions to do a few things differently. I did something slightly unplanned today but which I may be doing a bit more .. a walk of about 5 miles from Ilkley to near Bolton Abbey - I was wearing trousers that are definitely not meant for walks, but hey, they can be washed. The walk goes part of the way along the River Wharfe although it takes a diversion when you are near the village of Addingham - passing near one mansion, one church, and some interesting roads. I was originally going to stop at Addingham but I decided to carry on because it wasn't that late and I was pretty sure I would be able to get a bus back - which I did. Most of the walk wasn't too bad in terms of mud, considering all the rain we've had, but there were some annoyingly muddy patches.

It was fairly mild weather for winter, which I was happy with. The cold is the weather I dislike more than any other, I would rather have rain than cold, as long as it isn't too heavy, and it was quite pleasant walking weather. I wouldn't mind if it stayed this way until Spring, I think I can probably manage without snow this year.

I didn't go into Bolton Abbey itself  but have attached a picture from when I did go - the village is just off the A59 road between Harrogate and Skipton, and almost as soon as you go into the exit for Bolton Abbey, there are some handy facilities - a large hotel called The Devonshire Arms, which includes a spa and restaurant, and also a tea room, called Abbey Tea Rooms, which I ventured into as there was an hour to wait for my bus. It was nice, I had an omelette and chips, still resisted cake, I'm doing quite well on that front.

There was also a farm shop on one of the side roads where I got some veggies from. It's nice to take some time in nature sometimes, it is quite healing, after the drama of the past few days, it's probably what I needed. I think I may do some more walking - living so close to the Yorkshire Dales, I'm not exactly short of places to choose from, be it short or long walks. Maybe soon I will try and get to the top of Beamsley Beacon.

Anyway, The Happiness Centre is back in full swing next week - I visited the new premises today and was very impressed. Looking forward to doing many meditations there this year ..

Blessings x

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