Monday, 18 February 2013

New beginnings and the death of the old

I have been getting plenty of 'signs' that I am coming into a time of new beginnings. 'New beginnings' could I guess be interpreted in any number of ways, but I definitely would think they are a positive thing however you interpret them.

New beginnings could mean .. a new job, a new house, a new relationship, a new location .. or just a fresh start in one way or another. It's so easy to settle into a mundane pattern, and not make the effort to get out of it. However, times are changing, and we are living in exciting times with opportunities that wouldn't have been around in the previous generation.

Whilst new beginnings may be different for all of us, it will likely mean that we have to let go of something. And be willing to let go of some old ways of thinking that have not benefitted us. Something has to die .. not in a physical sense, but if we are to have a rebirth of sorts, then certain habits and behaviour patterns must end - and maybe relationships or jobs will end for some, if they are not going to be able to survive at the next level where life is taking you.

It's a bit scary because we don't always know what's going to happen next. I think life is calling us to examine ourselves and determine what it is we need to get rid of that is no longer serving us. Because we won't be able to move on to new beginnings if we're still hanging on to old baggage. If it's hard to let go of something but you know you need to, just remember that you will get to the other side and things will get better!

Peace and blessings.

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