Sunday, 24 March 2013

Times are changing

I can't really think what to write at the moment. So I'll just see where my inspiration leads me. If I have any inspiration, that is. Okay, so I'm going to write about a subject which is uncomfortable yet exciting. Change. Things becoming different, sometimes beyond your control. I believe we are in a time of great change, and we need to be well prepared to navigate our way through it.

I cannot understand why, even though technology and social media has changed society beyond recognition, people still expect the way we work to stay the same. People my age are no doubt still expecting their pensions to help them enjoy retirement in 25 odd years time. Hello! I would put money on pensions being phased out or even obsolete by the time I'm 60. Nature never intended us to work at a J.O.B. for 40 odd years that isn't your life purpose, and then retire at 60/65 and live on a pension. We need to find a new way of doing things. I believe there will a lot more entrepreneurs in the coming years, partly because the state of the economy will force it. There is no such thing as a secure job anymore. Things have to change, and I believe they will change drastically. Eventually it will be for the good but I think a number of people could be in for a surprise, if they expect their jobs to provide all their needs.

I dream of the day where the high street chains that care little for anything except money, are replaced by local, ethical, affordable outlets. A bit like they have in Totnes, Devon (the picture is actually of Sherborne, Dorset which has some good local shops too). Where there are less recruitment agencies, solicitors, pharmaceutical organisations and maybe even banks, to name but a few. Where people work less hours than the crazy hours we work in the UK. Where the community spirit returns to the UK. Where people actually talk to their neighbours. We are a long way off from there at the moment. But we can play our part in our own world, by connecting with other people and allowing love to be at the centre of what we do.

And, of course, we must be prepared to change ourselves. Life is accelerating at a rapid pace, and if you are on a spiritual pathway, you have probably been challenged about parts of your life and thought patterns that do not serve you anymore. It's not easy, and you have to go at your own pace to ensure that things don't overwhelm you, but I believe that things will start to happen a lot quicker in the years to come and that negative patterns will be easier to break.
So yes, change is on its way, but it's all for the best in the long run.

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