Thursday, 28 March 2013

Times when you just feel out of whack

I like blaming the planets when I feel strangely lacking in energy. I'm English, so I have to blame something. And there has been a full moon this week.
But seriously, whether you believe in astrology or not, there are times when you feel strange for no obvious reason. We all feel tired at times. I didn't get to sleep until quite late the other night. I also had an omelette for lunch today. But even these factors don't quite fully explain to me why I felt a bit like my energy was all over the place, and why I ended up spending probably 2 hours in bed this afternoon even though my original plan was to go for a walk once I'd got home.
I have just felt .. you know .. a little strange .. like something is in the air. Like I need to relax and do nothing, but if I did that, my mind would probably think me into doing something. So here I am, writing a blog post.

I guess what I want to say is that these things are completely normal and happen sometimes. Obviously I am writing from a male perspective, and women have other things to take into account which I am not qualified to talk about. There are a few things happening in my life at the moment and I did feel a bit of the feeling you can get either in the pit of your stomach, or your heart, or your mind, where you just feel .. a little scared. And I guess that Full Moon energies can bring these kind of emotions to the circumstances when you're going through some tough stuff.

I think it's important to stay strong during these times, because these are not easy times for a lot of us. I am being called to get further out of my comfort zone than I have been used to. This doesn't mean fighting the feelings and emotions and trying to stay on top of them. That's not staying strong, although people have been led to believe that it is. A good cry is fine, feeling your feelings can be beneficial. Staying strong is, for me, riding the wave and not giving up on life, love, yourself etc - it's also about being persistent, allowing good to come out of the seemingly bad staff. A key aspect of staying strong is connecting more with your heart. I wouldn't advocate ignoring the mind/ego, but as every spiritual person knows, we have been living far too much in our heads and it's time we listened to our hearts and lived more in the present, allowing life to teach us whatever lessons we need to learn.

I hope this helps


  1. I hear you Andy, and I do find the full moon either energises me till I am too awake or does the opposite, and like you this time I have been resting a lot. Your going through a lot of change Andy and its totally understandable you need to conserve your energy. Its scary leaping off that diving board, but don't forget you have one toe out of the old world and you may not be quite in the new yet so your kinda dangling over a cavernous void LOL sounds worse than it is. Take it easy and let it be a gradual process, its okay, no race.

  2. Thank you Kelly x


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