Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Creating our reality - my journey

So, the saying goes, 'you create our own reality'. I have heard this many times. I guess the most common reaction for people would be to dismiss this theory. If you're stuck in the blame culture or are 'being realistic', this theory cannot work for you. If you look at life from a 'normal' perspective ie. get a job, get married, have 2 children, buy a house, retire at 65, you will not be able to believe this.

There are people who are big believers in the Law of Attraction and manage, seemingly at least, to find the life of their dreams, although who knows what their whole journey was.

And then, there's the 'middle section' which I have found myself in. Believing that I can, to an extent, create my own reality, but not knowing how to do it, being unsure what to believe at times, and finding it hard to persist when the going gets tough.

So how can I best describe this? Well, I guess the best way is, to explain my own situation. And maybe doing this will bring up some insights for me, who knows.


So I'm in the 'fog' of uncertainty right now. Which is why I've put this picture up, taken at Robin Hood's Bay, one of my favourite places in the world. I have a desire to do something creative, I have an idea of the kind of creative business/charity I would like to run, I want to continue with my writing .. and then the whole 'money' thing gets in the way ie. it will be ages before I can earn money from writing, ages before I can set up a business, I don't have experience, I find it hard to ask for what I want, I'll have to do things I don't want to do in the meantime, in order to earn enough money. And it is not necessarily easy to reverse those patterns of thinking.

The phrase 'Do what you love and the money will follow' is often quoted. But what is not certain is - when will the money come. And it is hard to persist in the face of obstacles. I suppose my biggest question I have at the moment is what path to take. I heard a story the other day about how someone came to run a hotel in Skipton and started off with no money, no experience, and a not so good past, but through the Law of Attraction, she managed to make things work. So it must be possible on some level. She talked about visualising in terms of feeling what it would be like when you are doing something you love or have something you love - and not necessarily the exact picture of what it would be like.

Which I think is important. I find it all too easy to focus on the things I don't want - ie. it will be impossible to find work I want at the moment, I cannot afford to take a career break (which is something I really could do with), I will end up in another job I hate, blah de blah. And it's hard to know exactly what I DO want at the moment - a number of potential options but I always seem to find something that makes them not right. And maybe that is okay. Maybe I am where I am supposed to be at the moment.

So I think, at the moment, I just need to focus on feeling good, and do things, and take action, that make me feel good. Focus on what I want and continue to focus. At the moment I am still unsure about which road to take, I only know that I NEED to change direction. The Universe has my back, although I still struggle with doubt and with whether I'm doing the right things.


Often what can help is being in nature. Our minds can be so active and being in the outdoors can really help clear the mind. Understanding how the Law of Attraction works, is a journey. I do more or less believe now that we can create our own reality. I don't think I really used to. But it's also about our own personal journey. I believe our career ties very much with our personal life. I am not an expert on chakras but I believe that money and relationships all relate to the same chakra (sacral in this case). So it's important to change beliefs in terms of how we relate to others, focus on what we want from friendships and relationships, and believe that we can receive that and that we deserve it.

It doesn't happen overnight. So many people say that the Law of Attraction doesn't work, when they were expecting a quick fix. It takes dedication and commitment to changing our focus and changing our beliefs. Like everything, 'one step at a time'.

The journey is unfolding ...


One love <3


  1. Rachel Medhurst17 April 2013 at 04:07

    Lovely post Andy :)

  2. really like that photo of Robin Hood bay! good post andy


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