Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Law of Attraction - All about your focus

I have been somewhat sceptical about the Law of Attraction over the last 2-3 years. Now I think I'm beginning to 'get it' a bit more. Thoughts really do have power. However, if, like most people, you're used to a lot of negative thinking, assuming the worst (and half the time not even being aware of it) - it's unlikely to be a quick fix to switch from negative to positive (although this can happen to some individuals).


Our thoughts are a bit cloudy after years, and years of conditioning from people on how the world is, you know, some things are just accepted as 'normal' when they really shouldn't be - ranging from people getting so drunk that you need hospital treatment, our education system, the media's portrayal of the world, I could go on and on. The environment and culture we grow up in has a huge influence on us - in the UK, kids spend crazy amounts of time on computer games. In other more awakened countries, this would probably horrify most people. Just one example.

And our childhood does leave a big imprint on us - all the hurts, rejections and issues suffered in childhood often do not get dealt with by the time we reach adulthood. So we end up with a mass of negative beliefs and blocks to our creativity and abundance.

So when, say, we read The Secret, try and think positively, make affirmations such as 'I see this bill as a cheque' and so on, we can end up getting even more depressed and think 'Why doesn't this stuff work?' We can do visualizations as to what we want, be it a new home, a new job, a new relationship or just general peace of mind - and then 'reality' bites us in the butt fairly quickly. Now there could be several theories, but the best one I think I've seen is by one of the contributors to The Secret (I think it was Bob Doyle) who said something along the lines of - the reason why the Law of Attraction doesn't work is because there are blockages that are preventing it from working.

These blockages could be a wide range of things and again there are many theories as to how they can be 'healed' - to be honest I think it's probably different for every person as to how we overcome internal obstacles - but from where I'm at now, I am starting to believe that it is possible to focus on that which you want, even if you have self-limiting beliefs that still need to be overcome. It just takes a lot of effort and a willingness to keep going during the tough times. For example, let's say I want to get married to the woman of my dreams. I need to be clear on what I want and focus on that, believe in my heart that it will happen, take appropriate action etc. At the moment, there are still some limiting beliefs that are preventing this from happening, some of which may well need to be talked over with someone when I get round to it. However, if I focus on these limiting beliefs, they will remain the same. If I focus more on what I want and the feeling of having it - the barriers will be overcome in a shorter space of time. Does this make sense?


I suppose it could be likened in some way to being on top of the rocks in this picture (which is at Ilkley Moor, a wonderful place). The rock represents focusing on what you want and being secure. The rest of the picture (Ilkley town centre in distance) represents the negative beliefs, thoughts and conditioning, which are still there. You can't necessarily deny that certain thought patterns are there. Instead, be aware of them, do whatever needs to be done, but remain in a positive state, focus on what you want, then things will start to change - but like I said, it's not an overnight journey.

It's so, so easy to focus on what you don't want rather than what you WANT - and our media and government no doubt helps perpetuate this attitude. How many times have you heard someone say about what they don't want in, say, a relationship or job. And our subconscious mind has been programmed over time to focus on the negatives, so often our beliefs are that we deserve what we don't want rather than what we want, and end up focusing on that. It's all about BELIEF. Believing that you deserve the things you want. I have been so guilty of not believing that I deserve good things and have even believed that life does not want to give me the things I want - a case of shifting blame onto outside sources.

We need to be clear about what we want, and allow life to guide us. Sometimes it does take a while to know what we actually want, and maybe I'll do a blog post about that in more detail. We don't always get what we expect, but we need to be open minded and allow life to flow, to allow all the good things that we deserve.

I am becoming more interested in the Law of Attraction, and it will be interesting to see what happens as I attempt to become more positive. I shall keep you updated :)

Many blessings


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