Friday, 19 April 2013

The void

The place where nothing happens
Where you're searching for answers but don't find any
You stop 'trying' and hope that you'll receive answers that way
Still nothing comes
It seems almost as futile as me trying to break down this wall or statue
With my bare hands


As a man, I like to try and solve things
This doesn't necessarily work
Sometimes things cannot be solved immediately
It's a process
You have to let things be

The unknown
Is a place
Of acceptance and solitude
Where you find out about yourself

It can be a very lonely
And bleak place


You can hear it said a million times
'Be present' 'Embrace the unknown' 'Do not worry'
But until you have opportunities to truly put this into practice
You do not know what this really means, or I didn't

I would love certain things to be different
They say it's all in your attitude, your thoughts
And in a sense it is
But sometimes, no matter how much you try to become 'more positive'
There is this void all around, surrounding you
It may last for days, weeks, even months
Who knows

But this void of uncertainty, not knowing what will happen
Not knowing what to do next
Wishing you could do something that seems unrealistic at present
The temptation to be hard on yourself is there

Maybe this void is a place of power
Where you can find strength
You didn't know existed
Let go, surrender and trust


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