Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Dealing with hassles

I am actually trying to find some advice for myself here, somewhere within the recesses of my being. The thing is, I hate any sort of hassle. I like things to be SIMPLE and STRAIGHTFORWARD as possible. One of my major pet hates is when something that should be easy, is made unnecessarily difficult.

I am soon having to move house whilst being on benefits. I could have seriously done without this right now, and it's made things a bit more difficult than it normally is for me moving house. Plus, signing on at the job centre again, and other stuff .. And I have an intense loathing for any sort of paperwork and red tape.

Hassles can come in many shapes and forms, anything that is annoying, time consuming, and that I feel I could do without, I consider to be a hassle. If things pile up or if I feel slightly anxious about something (ie the pending house move in this case), I can easily go into freeze mode and end up either resting, spending the whole night on Facebook, or not sure what I am doing.

I just want to be creative and do without these annoying hassles sometimes, you know? Is that bad? Whether it is or not, I know I could do with a little injection of sanity when doing the things I would rather not do.

andy photo

Above photo taken by Su Davies - a friend of my friend Katie.

And, to be fair to myself, I haven't done too badly this month. Some things I have learnt are:

- To allow myself to feel annoyed, pissed off and stressed, and let it pass as quickly as possible.
- To live in the present as much as possible and not worry so much about the future.
- To be creative as much as I can. Take the time to do the things I love.
- Rest and relax, give myself some TLC.

Some things I haven't quite yet learnt are:

- To accept hassles and niggles as a part of life.
- To stop procrastinating.
- To stay calm on a regular basis.

Still, I'm not perfect. I don't know whether this is good advice, for myself, or anyone else who has the same frustrations. I would welcome any comments and/or suggestions :)


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