Monday, 3 June 2013

Charging for spiritual/healing therapies etc - what should happen?

There seems to be a bit of divided opinion amongst people as to whether holistic/alternative/healing practioners and also life coaches should charge for things, or at least, how much they should charge. It's a bit of a complicated topic and I want to just share my opinions on it.

Firstly, if you are a full-time therapist of some sort, and maybe I will be some day, you need to earn your crust, and not give your services away cheaply without anything in return. That is for sure. Some people say that 'spiritual stuff' should be given away freely - in an ideal world, that might be more possible, but to an extent, one has to adapt to the money system that is currently in place.

However, I do wonder about some of the prices that people charge, and if, like me, you're at a stage where you don't have a huge amount of money, it kind of puts you off when someone is charging something like £60 quid for just an hour. Whilst I don't begrudge people having money, I think, for me at least, one of the biggest issues is that, the people who could do with the help the most are the people who don't have much money. And there is no absolute guarantee that anything is going to work, and so, I kind of feel like it's easier for me to just find as much info as I can without having to pay expensive prices. Some people may say something like 'He's got a poverty mindset, if he really wanted help he would spend the money etc.' - but I don't think it's necessarily like that. Sometimes there are genuine people who have been really hurt and could do with some therapy of some sort - but (a) it's hard to find the right person and (b) for me, the people I would want often charge too much money than I am comfortable with. No-one is that likely to put therapy above their basic needs of food, shelter and clothing, or probably even socialising with people and having fun.

I know someone who offers some help which I would probably really benefit from, and I may still take them up on the offer, but I'm out of work at the moment and not financially abundant .. so I don't really know quite what to do. It's a complicated one. The best take on things is from my friend Jo Kenworthy (click on the link to read her blog, she is a valuable friend of mine) who said that she charges people what they can afford. If people are struggling financially, it may be hard for a therapist to offer their services without necessarily being able to get much in return. But, personally, I think I would want to do things like this - the overwhelming reason why people say they aren't able to have a therapy of some sort is because they can't afford it. Okay, 'can't afford it' may not be a particularly positive affirmation to use - but a lot of people do have issues around money and it does take a long time to work through them. It doesn't make them a bad person nor does it mean they are less worthy of having a healing or a coaching session.

In the meantime, what is best to do if, like me - you're not currently experiencing financial abundance, and you also find it difficult to ask for help (I am a man, after all) haha. For me, the most important thing is to trust your own inner strength. I have been through things that could and maybe should have finished me off. But I do have a certain amount of resilience. Also, don't expect others to solve your own problems without doing a thing yourself. Yes, it may take more time, but, if it's difficult to share things with others at present, do whatever you can - even if it's just getting things off your chest to a friend via text or email - I find that works well for me when I'm a bit down. Also, trust that the right resources will come along. A friend of mine has come across Ho'oponopono, which is a form of inner child healing work, something I really need, and has told me about it, and it's helping me and others in a similar boat. Whilst it is a pain not having what you feel is sufficient money to pay for something that could really benefit you, I also feel that life will give you the right things and resources and help when you are ready.

I hope this might help and if you have any opinions or insights, please share them.


  1. It is tough, I think people should charge what they are worth, and that comes with confidence and experience. I only charged every little to begin with (as you need to live) but as the results and popularity grew I became confident to charge more. I always do great deals and free sessions too, as I think a value is what people place on it, and if they have the experience they can see for themselves. Also it is about giving back. But what I struggle with is when people really really need a service and are desperate to move forward and someone says I can really help you and then say thats 5K I am like what?!! ha. Often people who buy my most expensive services have known me some time and are confident in my service. We are all trying to move forward and even though money is an energy and a mind set it can often stand in our way too, even though we are open to receiving. With things of a spiritual nature it is tough to put a price on things...... but even spiritual people have to eat ha. I think with anything it is finding genuine people who you know have your best interests at heart.

  2. Andy, I am very much with you on this. I feel people deserve to be paid for the exchange of time and energy put in. Especially if someone rents a room and needs money to pay for it. When I practised Reiki more professionally the standard charge back then up north was £20-25 an hour now I believe it has gone up somewhat.

    I feel spiritual work is as valid as any other work if not more as we are delving deeply into supporting another balancing from the inside out. However, I do know of a reiki teacher in Newcastle who many years ago was charging £1000 to attune to Reiki 1 this was outrageous I felt as reiki is a natural energy we all can access. I intitally attuned myself for free through a book but was later told it was wrong and back then I believed them so I went to a teacher for an attunement. I was glad I did, but not because the reiki was any less flowing through me but for the experience and interaction between student and teacher. She gave me my Reiki 1 by a donation and that donation was a bowl of fruit because that is all I had and she was wonderful, best atunement I had and one-on-one. My second was £50 and my masters was £100 which was also one-on-one. I was happy to pay as those teachers were more on my wavelength and understood I had already accessed that energy myself without teacher.

    I like that idea of the coffee where you can contribute for an extra coffee for someone that cannot afford it, now that would be something different to advertise out ANDY with healing. People could then pay it forward through the healing, those that had more could help those that have less.

    What gets me on my soap box is EFT practitioners and other teachers that are professing to help people remove money blocks only to charge hundreds and thousands of pounds to discover what they know. This is absolutely stark raving mad!

  3. Rachel Medhurst3 June 2013 at 07:57

    Hi, Andy,
    I totally know where you're coming from here. I've just qualified as an energy healer and I'm wondering what to charge. I'm wanting to also be a life coach and again, wonder what to charge. My intuition is telling me that I charge something that is affordable. Not too little, or I would not be able to quit my day job and become a full time practitioner. I want to give back. I want to help others to heal. Doctors, nurses and others get paid for their time. This is where I feel it's important. The people that come to me for help will find me because they believe in what I do and believe that I will help them. Therefore I will charge them for my time and my skills. Which is what everyone does in the world of career.
    Great post!


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