Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Diary of a job seeker/career changer - Part 2

Okay, I know you've been waiting for another episode of the job hunting saga. So here goes.

Breaking news - I have a job interview next Thursday (27th). And it's interesting, because out of all the jobs I've applied for, this is one of the very few that I have much enthusiasm for - mainly because it's at a company which does creative stuff. It's an admin role, but that's all I want at the moment. We shall see. If it's meant to be, it will happen. But it's no coincidence that I have my first interview at somewhere I like the look of. It's important to focus on what you want.

Jobcentre forms 

Honestly, I could rant all day about this. It makes me angry. So I have moved address. I wanted to stay with the jobcentre I was at, because they were helpful and nice, but they wanted me moved over to the jobcentre near where I now live. Fair enough. I phone new jobcentre up with details of new address etc. and they asked me to come in on Monday. I then proceed to fill out exactly the same f**king form that I filled in at the previous jobcentre, and have an appointment with my new 'advisor' this Friday which will probably be going through exactly the same spiel  that I went through when I had my first appointment with my advisor at the other Jobcentre.
It is so wrong that there are so many reputable organisations and charities that can't afford to employ paid stuff, and so wrong that places like the National Media Museum in Bradford are under threat because of 'cutbacks' (the very mention of that word makes me cross), and on the other hand you get people employed to do pointless jobs that involve crazy amounts of paperwork and bureaucracy, that don't really serve other people or the wider community .. things have got to change, it's that simple!! Down with form filling!

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What else am I doing 

Clearly, as someone who really doesn't fit the mould of what the 9 to 5 workplace expects, I would be mad to place all my hopes on doing a J.O.B until I'm retirement age .. and what kind of life is it to work in a job that isn't your passion, retire when your prime years are behind you, and then struggle on a pension until you die. No thankyou. Not for me. And there's no way I could spend all day looking for jobs - can anyone? But I'm not the kind of person who can easily sit there and do nothing .. so now is a good time to get on with some of my creative projects.

Obviously I am doing a bit of work on the blog. It's had a bit of a redesign and the writing seems to be flowing quite well.

In order not to get too overwhelmed, it was a choice between writing a poetry book and writing my life story book. I have decided to carry on with the life story book - I have done a bit of a rough outline a while back, with almost 40000 words, but there's lots of editing to be done, lots of stuff to learn and challenges along the way, and maybe some new chapters in my life to write about that have not yet happened. It's a slow process at the moment, but hopefully things will be able to get into more of a full swing.

Quick Preview - I am in the process of preparing a creative workshop with my friend, Mark, whose blog is here. I don't know the date of when we're going to do it yet. It's been interesting doing this .. and has got me out of my comfort zone a bit, because I'm so used to doing things by myself. We really want to encourage people to embrace and tap into their creativity - creativity is something that is so important in these changing times, I cannot emphasize this enough. And we hope that the workshop will have a positive and profound effect on people.

How am I feeling?

Generally speaking, ok. It would be nice to have a bit more of a routine again. I think I would be ready to go back to work if I was offered a job. I think my previous company really was a one off, they were so bad and I still feel a degree of anger towards the way I was treated there. Even the managing director has called it a day, and also one of the longest serving members who is a really good worker, handed in her notice without a job. No surprise at all. I would walk out if things ever got that bad again. It is so sad, these days, that employees allow themselves to be treated like shit just because their employers are paying their wages. It's about time people stopped putting up with this. 
I would like to think that there are still companies out there that respect and value their staff. Appreciation is so, so important. It really should not be difficult to show appreciation to your staff if they do a good job.

The Confusion 

I honestly cannot remember if I mentioned about this in Part 1. Things are still a bit foggy. I've been wanting to change careers for years but not had the resources or know how to do so. I still don't know exactly what to do in order for things to change. And to be honest I am fed up with working in meaningless jobs, and if I do get another job, it needs to be good. I think the company I work for, in some ways, will be more important than the job itself, as long as it's a job I can do. I still feel a strong desire to earn money from doing what I love, but the process of change is not easy. I hate the system, it is so flawed in so many ways, so many people are doing jobs that should not exist, profits have been placed before people and my God I could rant about greedy people all day. I am starting more and more to believe that 'the love of money is the root of all evil'. Not money itself, there is nothing wrong with money, but much of today's system is based on greed. It would be good if I could get a job at a company that is ethical and creative, whilst I try and make it in the creative world.

Here concludes Part 2 - there might be a Part 3 to follow - this might even be a long series of posts :)

Hope you enjoyed reading.


  1. Well done on the interview Andy! And whatever happens you are heading in the right direction. Huge thumbs up from me. And I have noticed such a difference in you this time for you, you are much more optimistic and have much more self belief. You know what you want to feel and experience and you are taking steps to do that. Life is backing you up!


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