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The backlash against the unemployed

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It makes me laugh a bit when people come up with phrases like 'The unemployed are a burden to society'. Really? Whilst there are many people doing pointless jobs they'd rather not do that help keep the greedy fat cats happy, just so that they can pay for the nice house, nice car and keep the false economy going because they need to buy things just to make them feel better. Is that good for society?

I personally just think there's a lot of resentment .. people not feeling fulfilled in their jobs, working too many hours, not spending enough time with their families, but feeling trapped and unable to quit their jobs. Don't get all offended just because I said that. Think about it. Let's be honest, if money wasn't an issue, 80% of people, if not more, would not be doing the jobs they are doing. And the unemployed are an easy target .. 'those lazy bastards', 'Go get yourself a job'. No-one who is fulfilled in their work would say that. In fact, really, there is nothing particularly morally wrong in itself, in not having a job. If you are content to sit on your backside all day and play computer games, then yes that is a bit of a problem. But no-one who wants to make something of their lives would be happy doing that.

But anyway, back to resentment .. how do people end up resenting the unemployed? Most people are conditioned into believing that the way to success is to get a job, buy a house, buy a nice car, get married and have kids etc. There aren't many people who know what they truly want to do by the time they enter the work world. I must admit, I have a certain amount of jealousy for people that go straight into their dream career. So we get jobs that pay the bills, some people may progress quite high and get well paid jobs (at the possible cost of high stress). Most people don't even seem to think about whether these jobs are truly what they want .. they just do them without questioning the system, buying Lottery tickets in the hope that they will find a way out.

I think most people would truly love to take some time off work .. these days, work can drag you into the ground, the way some bosses behave, they deserve to be punished in some way. But people are so scared to lose the security that comes from the monthly paycheck, they don't even consider whether there might be another way.

The people who work hard for little reward have it in for the unemployed, assuming that many of them sit on their backsides all day. There may be some people like that. But is that a lifestyle you want to envy? Do you want to be like these people? The majority of unemployed people would rather not be on benefits. Having been unemployed myself and having recently finished a job from hell, has really brought it home to me how ludicrous the system is. I would far rather not work 9 to 5, at present, especially now that I have a few things on the go. Most people would rather not work 9 to 5. That's okay. You just have to make the best of your situation. Ideally I would work part time but if a full time position comes up, I would take it.

If you have an issue with unemployed people, try and imagine what their life must be truly like and ask yourself if you want to emulate it. I know the Daily Mail and others do their front page headlines of families raking in benefits (and personally I find some of these stories hard to believe). Generally, if you're on benefits, you won't be on much. Most people would rather keep their salary than be on benefits. The Daily Mail fatcats are probably earning a nice little number working 15 hours a week, and yet they pretend to be 'one of us'. But hey, if you manage to work part time and get good money, why wouldn't you?

If you are unhappy with your job, why do you keep doing it? Ask yourself this. What do you really want out of life? Are you really happy to do the same thing until you retire, spending more time at work than with your family? I hope not. If you are resentful of the unemployed, ask yourself - what do I think they have, that I wish I had? It may be freedom, it may be spending more time with the family. And honestly ask yourself - what can I do to change my situation and still earn enough money? There are so many opportunities now to change your life, it doesn't come overnight though and hard work will be involved. But this is a start.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, it wasn't it easy a post as I thought it might be, but if you have any thoughts please say.
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