Monday, 17 June 2013

When you don't feel you have the credentials: How can you succeed?

It's a question I sometimes wonder about. I look at people in the new age, spiritual and creative fields, and I can end up thinking along the lines of:

They have more of an outgoing personality.
They achieved so much more than me BEFORE they became self employed and therefore were in a better position to start (big one for me).
Almost everyone seems to have various qualifications.
They are far more naturally driven and probably have a lot more stamina than me.
Many of these have held management and senior positions and therefore know how to work with and deal with people.

Okay, there are people such as Eckhart Tolle. But they are the exception. I can feel intimidated by other people's credentials and feel that I just don't match up. It may seem ridiculous, however, there is some level of truth in some of the points I mentioned above and it would be unwise of me to ignore these feelings. I have been playing catch up in terms of social skills and confidence, that is true. And often my ego will come up with the old thought patterns, along the lines of 'I'm not good enough'. Trying to be all positive to silence these 'negative' feelings and trying to pretend that I'm a real go-getter just won't work. So how can I thrive?

(a) It can be so easy for me to focus on my weaknesses rather than my strengths. Whilst it's not clever to completely ignore your weaknesses, often you can be so focused on your weaknesses that you downplay your strengths. Knowing what you DO have is important if you are going to succeed. So .. what are my strengths?

- I am creative
- I am persistent and am a survivor rather than a quitter
- I am adaptable - I have moved location to a place where I didn't know anyone
- I am an excellent writer
- I have a lot of connections with people in my local area
- I am able to think outside the box and don't conform to what society expects me to be

.. and probably more. So it's time to really focus on what I do have.

(b) So the second thing is to use what is seemingly a disadvantage, to your advantage. Recently, a very talented 14 year old called Jack Carroll did very well in Britain's Got Talent, and will probably have a very successful career in stand up comedy. He has cerebal palsy, and he used this to his advantage when making some of his jokes .. if you have seen the video, you will know. At the moment, I am writing about my life story, with the intention of having it published. I have been through some stuff which was extreme, however I know that I can use this to inspire other people and also to give people hope that nothing is ever too big to overcome. And also I'm sure there are ways to turn what I have perceived as character flaws into positives - and maybe to help other realise that you don't need to have lots of credentials and qualifications and you don't need to be a naturally outgoing person, in order to follow your dreams.
I haven't worked out exactly how to turn some of the negatives into positives, I think I might write down the negatives and work out how I can flip them around and turn them into positives.
(Photo credit: via Google)

(c) Connect with like minded people. In the age of social media, there are so many opportunities to connect with people you otherwise would never have known of. Even if you don't get to see that many people in person, there are many groups and communities on Facebook and other sites. One of the Facebook groups I'm in has people who are on a similar journey to me, and has been a real inspiration. It's also good to connect with people who are on a more advanced stage of their development, and, for me, it's good to connect with some positive people because I can be easily drawn towards negativity at times .. You know, deep down, the kind of people that are good for you to connect with. Connect with the right people and you will prosper.

There are more things, I'm sure, that can help. But this is where I'm at right now. I have ideas. I don't find it easy to put things into action, and sometimes have said that Procrastination is my middle name. I have had a lot of fear throughout my life, at times it has been debilitating. But, despite what sometimes appears on the surface, successful people rarely if ever have an easy journey to success. We all know that JK Rowling is the most successful British female author of this generation. She was a single mother on benefits whilst she was writing Harry Potter, and said 'Rock bottom became the foundation on which I rebuilt my life.' We all have our challenges to overcome. It is time now for me to do the best I can.

I welcome your comments.


  1. Loved this post Andy, you are progressing in leaps and bounds! Love your writing and really seeing a big difference and change in you, keep it up!

  2. Thanks, that's good to hear, I feel a change too :)


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