Saturday, 6 July 2013

Facing the negative stuff

Sometimes, I can get into a spiral of negativity .. where I feel despondent, frustrated, pissed off with life etc. And I don't even particularly feel like trying to get out of it. Sound familiar?

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In some ways, it's all part of the beauty of life. Some people may be able to be positive most if not all of the time .. but I don't fall into that category, and doubt I ever will. I try my best .. but really, I am not a naturally positive person. I have to work at it.

Affirmations don't generally work for me when I'm feeling down .. neither does the cliched 'Take responsibility for what you have created' - so I think I just need to allow things to be as they are, not try and change how I feel, and maybe see if there's an emotional pattern that needs to be dealt with.

If you are like me, don't worry about it or feel you are bad. Other people may say 'don't be negative' or 'only allow positive things and people in your life' - but is it really possible to live on a mountain top all the time? If it is, please tell me how.

The important thing is not to FIGHT the feelings. This only adds fuel to the fire. Allow yourself to rant, by all means, and say that you're pissed off, but make sure you do it with a 'yes' attitude to life, an open mindedness as to how things might be able to change, rather than having a closed mind.

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In the long run, I believe that being honest and owning your negative stuff is more empowering than trying to sugarcoat over it.

Here's to your success in life .. allow yourself to love and to be open minded .. this doesn't mean that you will always feel great .. but say 'yes' to ALL of life.

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  1. Here here Andy, could not agree more! I will tweet a quote I read in Pema Chodron book later, totally confirms my whole feeling about putting ice-cream on top of dog crap analogy. Your doing well to embrace it, many of the affirmation 'create your reality' advocates are going to some day find that the dog crap is still there and will need to face it at some stage, at least we are doing it now.


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