Sunday, 11 August 2013

Diary of a career changer - Part 4 - Letting things be

I have worked in an office environment for many years.
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Too many years, without a doubt. I've been wantingto change careers for 6 years. Along the way, I've made some hasty decisions because I was impatient to do something different. I ended up doing a number of temporary jobs because, I thought, it would only be a matter of time before I become a life coach or something like that. I then ended up in long term unemployment, desperate to do something else but not in a position to make money from anything except office work, as the recession had started biting quite hard. I was in a real quandary, and it was not much fun.

After 14 months out of work, I got another job in 2011. It was okay for a while but I eventually realised why the company I was working for had such a high staff turnover, and it became very stressful. Being made redundant from that job this year was a blessing in disguise, and definitely was meant to happen, I think.  

I have made a fair bit of progress with my creative talents in the last 2 years - the blog is going well, I have written a fair bit of my life story book (although still plenty of work to do on that) and I am hopefully going to be hosting a workshop on creativity with my friend. After I was made redundant, I wasn't quite so stressed as last time. Also, I wanted to be careful I didn't end up with another job like the previous one. There must be many people who's health is being affected by the stress of their jobs - but unfortunately they put up with it all because of this crazy thing called MONEY. 

The question has to be asked why we are still operating with the money system when it clearly isn't working. Maybe that's a discussion for another time, but it's a bit of a heavy subject. Most people, though, need to pay bills, and so a job is the only option - or looking for a job whilst on benefits. Work then becomes a Catch 22 because it takes so much energy from people, and I tend to find I don't have as much energy as I would like to work towards my future goals. 

Really, the best option for me right now, is to be in the present moment rather than worry about the future. The prospect of working in an office admin job for the next 25 years is scary - and I don't have any ambitions to work my way up the corporate ladder, it would be too stressful. Even thinking about the long term future can scare me a bit. Also, worrying about whether I am ever going to get paid doing the things I love can be stressful. So whilst it's true that I would rather be doing something else, and that I think working 9 to 5 is totally unnatural, I am doing my best to accept the current situation I am in. 

I have probably said this before, but it's not worth beating yourself up if you are not in the career of your dreams. It seems like a lot of spiritual people are doing work they love, and sometimes I can feel that I am not doing something right. As much as people say that it takes hard work to achieve dreams, I still find myself thinking that other people are lucky or have it easier than me. Hard work is not something that particularly appeals to me sometimes - and there is also the issue of looking after myself and that means not pushing myself too hard. I can only do my best. 

Also I have become a bit more aware of how I am attached to future goals. Particularly in regards to writing. Certainly my biggest creative passion is writing. But sometimes, life doesn't always go according to plan. Maybe I will end up doing something a bit different to what I expected. The idea of setting up a creativity centre hasn't gone away. 'Letting things be' and going with the flow of life is where I am at, right now. 

To your success


  1. I don't know if I know many spiritual people doing the work they love yet. My teacher she chose to do normal jobs to fun her spiritual work so she could put heart into her work without relying on earning a buck from her spiritual work as she saw so many spiritual people concerned about getting enough clients, getting enough bums on seats and as a result losing touch with the heart of their practice. It is an interesting dynamic and balance. I know the present moment is where I need to be also.

    1. Yeah so true about what you say about getting enough clients etc. I would hate to be getting stressed about that. I know a fair few spiritual people doing the work they love full time, maybe it's just the people I meet :) But also some of them are doing regular jobs.


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