Thursday, 12 December 2013

The unknown (fiction writing)

Down by the riverside, I picked up a stone, hoping it would bring me good luck. I had ventured out a few miles into the countryside, with some water and food, hoping that nature would provide a moment of clarity amidst the chaos. I sat down for what was meant to be a brief pause, and listened to the sound of the river.

It was a far cry from the world I had been used to, always rushing around, achieving very little except helping other people work towards their dream of more money and a nicer house and car. My brain had been foggy for many months. Now I was left with little else except to trust where life would take me. No specific goals but a lot of bright ideas of what I wanted to achieve.

It was a bit of a scary place. The apparent security that I had been used to was no longer there, and I now had to trust that the universe would provide for me as I followed my instincts and heart. My mind was still trying to work things out, but my heart was urging me to trust. I knew I could not go back to the way I had been living. My desire now was to serve others.

I wondered if it was all a pipe dream to 'follow your heart'. Money does not come from following your heart, or at least it seemed like you need a bit more know how than I seemed to have in order to stay afloat. There had been a few times where I was desperate to do something else, but I always ended up going back to the same old thing just to earn money, because there seemed no viable alternative at the time.

This time, though, I had made a commitment, and it was my time for change. It may not be easy, and I knew I needed to be wise when making decisions about what direction to go in. But my body had been giving me signals that I could not go on living the way I was.

So I sat by the river in a contemplative mood. Excited at the new opportunities that I knew were going to arise, but part of me was still scared of the unknown. I chose there and then to take some time to be in the present moment. I trusted that I would be taken care of.


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