Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Stepping forward, stepping back - or should I say taking small steps forward

We've all heard the phrase 'one step forward, two steps back' - although it maybe would be better if we balanced things out a bit - because if we repeatedly took one step forward and two steps back, we would end up on quite a backward journey over time.

I actually think that, once we make a definite decision to move forward and change our lives, that we take gradual steps forward and do not really go backwards - the things that appear to make out that we are going backwards are really just preventing us from going forwards. I can definitely say this about my own life - even though the steps forward have mostly been slow and gradual - I have for sure moved waaaaay forward from where I was a few years ago.

Sometimes we can try and go too far forward - and the things that we may perceive as a step backward are actually helping us to stay on track. Maybe.

Sometimes life holds us back so that we don't go over the edge :)
I tend to go through phases of learning some great stuff, feeling positive and reasonably good about myself, and phases of feeling a bit down and wondering where my positive vibes have gone. This is perfectly normal. At the moment, I am reading a great book called 'Afformations' by Noah St John. I am a great believer that we learn certain things when we are ready. And this book has definitely opened up new avenues of thinking to me, which I hope to really take on board. But I've certainly had a few down days recently, feeling frustrated and fed up etc.

Being a positive person, to me, doesn't mean that you feel on top of the world every time. It means embracing the yin and yang, the good and the bad. Love is more important than having super positive vibes all the time. It is perfectly okay to have some really cool things happen in your life (and we all want that from time to time, no?) and feel like you're really getting somewhere and to have your desires fulfilled - and it is perfectly okay if things are not happening like you may wish. Listen to the stillness within. Whatever is happening in your life, has something to teach you right now.

My cool clock .. with the love message
You have to do things at your own pace. I have certain parts of my life which I would have liked to have been worked through quicker, but we all have our own things to face and it can take a while. As the late Whitney Houston sang .. 'learning to love yourself .. is the greatest love of all'. This is a good place to start. And I do think that loving yourself is a learning process. Circumstances are constantly changeable - we have good times and bad times. Even when we learn lots of wonderful things and grow so much as people .. we still have things that are difficult to face. Allow life to take you forward at your own pace and don't fight against the things that appear to hold you back .. they could be vehicles that help you move forward.



  1. Great post Andy, I liked what you said about being positive. Lots of change happening.


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