Sunday, 27 April 2014

Onto the next part of the journey

Nerac in France - a lovely place
My French adventure is almost over now. I am leaving France tomorrow, via a train journey from Marmande (the local station), changing at Narbonne which is towards Montpellier, stopping at Narbonne for 1 and a half hours, and then getting the train from Narbonne to Girona in Spain. Then I catch a flight early on Tuesday morning to Malta.

I always wanted to go back to Malta after I'd been, I didn't want to leave in the first place. I'm going with the intention of staying there long term .. but other than that, plans are fairly loose. It is a bit scary as I don't know what work is going to be
available or what I'll be doing. Some may think I'm crazy, perhaps I am. But I would imagine a lot of people are going through similar situations. I had to do something different to get out of the loop I was in, of doing temp jobs or permanent jobs where I got made redundant, being unemployed, looking for work, and then getting a stressful job.

It's time to stop pretending. Not to say I can't do a good job in the right place, but my experiences particularly with my last two jobs have made me clear on what I don't want. It's just not worth risking your well being for the sake of paying the bills. I do have to trust that I'll find something, somewhere, but I dare say it won't necessarily be only through the conventional way of applying for jobs. Building friendships and relationships is, I feel, going to be important for me too, as well as going with my instincts.

Lovely St Blas Bay in Gozo, Malta
I'd like to work for myself. But I'm not totally sure what I'd want to do or what would suit me - maybe leading workshops and retreats would be one thing. I have also had an idea to set up a creative centre - but Malta might not need one as the lifestyle is so much better than the UK, from what I have experienced so far. Maybe there will be some creative centres in Malta, who knows. What I do know is that there are a fair few spiritual, like minded people in Malta that I will be able to meet, and who knows what opportunities could arise from connecting with others.

Quite honestly, right now, I would be happy if I didn't go back to the UK. There's a huge amount of stress and unexpressed emotion in that country, probably more stress than most people realise, and there's too many people who are unable to go beyond the realms of the mind, too many people who moan but don't do anything to change their lives, too many people whose hope of happiness is in the Lottery.

I do have a certain amount of fear, and don't have an infinite amount of money, but I've learnt to accept and allow the fear rather than fight against it. The mind craves security, and so many people won't escape from the rat race because the initial part of it would be hard. It's hard when you leave the so called security behind. The mind also wants to see the bigger picture, but sometimes, when you take a leap of faith, it really is about one step at a time.

Anyway, that's about it for now .. more updates to follow I'm sure.



  1. Well done hun, keep it up, follow your instincts and you will be taken care of. Let life be unconventional, life likes to be that way.

    And be sure to receive a visitor when I have the funds to visit LOL

    On the trip to Malta note I have been to Girona I believe have fun in your stops off along the way.

    1. Girona actually looks lovely but I probably won't have much time to see it.

  2. Andy, I'm so pleased that you've taken a huge leap of faith, not just a step! Moving abroad with no plans is so brave! I just know it will all work out for you. :)

    1. Thanks Rachel, I am fortunate in that my Aunt lives there and hope that the right opportunities will come.


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