Wednesday, 30 April 2014

When insecurity and doubt strikes .. or when you feel 'wobbly'

Often, when we see or read about someone who is living a 'successful' life - we only see the end product - ie the successful business, the best selling book, the lovely house. I would love it if we could know the full story of every person who has achieved something out of the ordinary. J K Rowling has been open about how difficult things were for her before Harry Potter was published. I believe she said that at one stage she was 'as poor as anyone could be in Great Britain, without being homeless.' The rest is history, of course.

I believe that if you want to be different from the norm, you will go through tough times. And your response to the tough times could determine whether you are a success or failure.

It's not easy. As much as I might try to inspire people, I find that insecurity and challenges freak me out a little bit, and I have to keep my mind and emotions in check. If you've been following my blog in any detail, you'll know that I am now in Malta. I need to find work pretty quickly, really. And I've had something of a wobble this afternoon, old thought patterns relaying in my head like 'I'll never make it', 'I will have to do the same thing over again, when will things change', 'Why couldn't I decide quicker what I wanted rather than end up like this', 'I won't be able to find any work and will have to go back to the same old stuff in the UK'.

Yes, it can be hard - and the 'follow your dream' notion isn't always viable - sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what you have, and work towards your ultimate dreams bit by bit. I suppose my concern is that I'll end up with a job like the last two, even though there's enough reason to think that I can find something a bit more enjoyable.

I do believe in staying positive in these circumstances. If you allow too much negative thinking, it will seep right through you and cause you to feel hopeless. Positive thoughts are going to produce a more positive outcome. But it's also important to realise that, if you're trying to do something different, you will go through those periods of doubt and insecurity, and sometimes feel like a bag of shit. This is perfectly normal, and sometimes you do need to allow all the negativity to be as it is. Pretending it isn't there is as bad as allowing it to control your life. Be honest with yourself.

Most if not all successful people will go through times when they feel like giving up on their dreams. Neale Donald Walsch wrote an excellent article on 'The Law of Opposites' (click here to read) where he says that, when things are going the opposite of what you intend, it's actually a sign that things are coming together for you. But I would highly recommend you to read the article rather than try to explain it myself.

If things aren't going to plan, accept it rather than resist it.

No pathway in life is plain sailing. If you choose the road less travelled, that road is likely to be bumpy and long, with twists and turns. We just need to recognise that we are not alone when we go through 'stuff' - particularly now, a lot of people are going through some changes. There will be times when we doubt ourselves, and times when circumstances aren't ideal. Our response is important - accept and flow, or fight against. That's it in a nutshell really.

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