Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Looking for an escape?

This photo was in Bordeaux .. I tried to escape but my
perceptions of life were clouded :) 
So as you may know, I was recently abroad doing something different to what I've normally done. Whilst it was a good experience and worth doing - part of me wonders whether I was doing it just to escape life in the UK. Now that I'm back, I'm glad to be back. But maybe some of my experiences in the last year clouded my perception of life a bit.

The guy who I was doing some work for in France, is English, and he told me that some people move to France to escape from something - such as a debt. I can believe this. It's easy to think that the grass is greener on the other side and that moving somewhere else will solve all your problems.

Ultimately, though, what I found is that things catch up with you if you haven't probably dealt with them. My experience over the last 5 years of jobs I didn't really enjoy and times out of work has not been that much fun at times, and the same things have seemed to come back to haunt me - such as now, signing on again.

I guess I was hoping for some miracle escape, for the Universe to provide an unexpected opportunity rather than having to sign on and look for jobs - and it seemed that things might be going that way at one point, before they came back to earth with a big crash.

What I've found is that the same or a similar situation can come back to haunt you, if you haven't learnt the lessons from it previously. My lesson is in trust, in accepting how things are, in going beyond the confusion that the mind's incessant thinking and going round in circles brings.

Obviously there are some situations that it is necessary to escape from, such as an abusive relationship, or a job that is not good for your health. But you cannot escape from yourself. We've all known people who have gone from job to job and been unhappy in each of the jobs. It's good to want something different from life, but I think it's important to work on underlying issues which cause repeated unwanted circumstances.

So, for me, I think a little more self-love and self-respect, and a more positive outlook on things, are what I have needed. The last two times I was on benefits, I guess I had quite a low opinion of what I was worth, and not much belief that I'd find a good job - the first time, in particular, was really hard to deal with because I was so far from where I supposedly wanted to be. This time round, I'm learning to accept the situation, and the confusion .. and fingers crossed I'll end up with a more suitable role.

I think it's a good thing that I am coming face to face again with certain challenges, and that I am able to better face them now. Escaping to a different part of the world isn't always the answer.

Where do your beliefs come into play when it comes to the seemingly negative circumstances in your life? What can you learn from this? How can you change your outlook on things?

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