Monday, 21 July 2014

Diary of a job seeker - The process of finding a job

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Here I am, sat at home, on a lovely summer's day, looking at a few job sites and updating my Facebook. It is really rather hot out there, and I'm not the biggest fan of really hot weather, so I don't mind being indoors - prefer the cooler evenings.

But doing a fairly mind numbing activity doesn't make me feel on top of the world. The whole process, to me, is getting sillier. There's no doubt from my experience that things have changed a lot even during the last 5 years. There was a time between 2007 and late 2008 where I could pretty much walk into a temporary role (which was mostly what I was looking for at the time) and then things got gradually harder as the recession really started to bite.

And whatever the reports about the unemployment rate falling (pull the other one is my opinion of that) - there are lots of people not working at the moment - and not just people on Job Seeker's Allowance. On one of the main job websites, it tells you how many people have applied for a job. Now, this could include spammers, who knows, but on one example, there was, I think, 100 people who applied for a 2 week job! So there are plenty of people looking for work, by the looks of things.

Employers these days are more fussy. It gradually crept in that you had to have experience to the nth degree if you were to be considered for an interview. The absurd requirement on a fair few accounts jobs that you have to have experience in using a particular software package is an example of this. And now, you have to really convince employers that you want the job they are offering, and that you will stay there for a long time.

The process of getting a job is nothing like actually doing a job. In most cases, I could do the jobs I've done quite well, but I've never been any good with selling myself or doing job applications. I'm slightly uncomfortable with having to try and persuade employers that I might want to work for them, when the reality is that I only want a job to fit round my other higher priorities. I've applied for a few part time jobs, but never hear anything back from them. That's annoying. Maybe employers expect a 39 year old man to want to be progressing in the corporate environment.

One has to keep going ...

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