Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday ramblings

Oh to live like this ..
Sometimes, it can get a bit tiresome writing about similar subjects - ie how to deal with the 'negative' stuff, live in the present moment, meditate until you're in a Zen like state, follow your dreams etc etc. 

So what else can I talk about? Here I am, sitting in Caffe Nero. One man has got his head in a newspaper, I am typing away on a computer, other people are talking. I can see people outside, walking around town. Nope, can't find any inspirational ideas to write about from that list. 

Okay, so I've just had a thought. Sometimes, when I'm wanting to write a blog post, I am trying to think of a specific subject to write about. And sometimes, in life, I am thinking of a specific thing that I feel might make my life better .. a dream job, lots more money, the relationship of my dreams, travelling the world, writing a book which inspires people. 

It's so easy to get caught in chasing after something or some things, when you feel that life is lacking. Most people have some areas of their life which they would like to change. I have heard it said many times - 'It's the process, not the destination' - or something along those lines. My mind struggles to accept this whilst I'm still struggling to an extent, although thankfully the mini-crisis that I was in a couple of months ago has now averted. And so I'm not going to try and suggest ways in which to feel good when things aren't quite as you'd like, as I haven't really worked it out myself yet. 

Honestly, sometimes I wish I could write a blog post about another subject, such as cars or football. But then, if I wrote about football, I'd end up like one of those sad football obsessives like the guy I heard talking a little while back, 'There are 81 permutations in this group.' I used to be one of those. 

I can get bored of talking about life's issues, as if there is always one problem or another that needs to be solved. Wherever you are at in life, even if you've achieved a level of success, you will never feel permanently on top of the world. So maybe it's time to take a chill pill or two .. I've been reading the F**k It book which makes a lot of sense to me. Maybe, if external things didn't matter so much, we would have our shit a little more together. 

Anyway, I don't really know what this post was meant to be about. Probably just a message to not look for something to focus all our attention on .. just enjoy life whilst you can. 
.. and stay cool. 

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