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Diary of a Jobseeker is no more for now .. perspectives on unemployment and starting again in the work world

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So, five months after finishing my previous job, I am back in the working world starting next Monday, 5 days time. I will use the remaining days to relax as much as I can, as it's been a tough few months, although it was the right decision to leave my previous job. Hopefully this next job will be well suited to my skills and personality, and from the interview, it seems like it could be a good organisation to work for.

I've had mixed feelings during the times I've been unemployed, and hopefully I've learnt all the lessons I've had to learn from unemployment. Part of me wished I could change career or earn money from doing what I love, but I never had any definite, viable career plans which would enable me to make money any time soon, without being on benefits - and, although some people may choose to work for themselves and get help from benefits whilst they're starting up - which is perfectly okay - for me, I am not comfortable with being on benefits, so that was never really an option in my case.

And positive thinking does not paper over the crack that is called 'reality'. Okay, there may be some people who are able to find a great job without having a huge amount of prior experience, but, generally speaking, unless you really have mastered the art of positive thinking, it's a heck of a lot of easier to get a job that you have some experience of.

So I'm carrying on working in accounts - a job that isn't my passion, but I quite enjoy it at times. There's no reason why, particularly in today's economy, someone should have to really enjoy their job in order to do it. As long as you have a good work ethic, know what you're doing, and are friendly towards colleagues, that's what counts the most. It will be nice to get back on my feet again and be able to do a few more things - there isn't a great deal of social and leisure activities you can do whilst you're on benefits and your bank balance isn't exactly healthy - socialising costs money. I don't think it's particularly healthy to be isolated for too long - I moved to a new town where I already knew a few people from, but I haven't been able to see much of anyone or go to any events. I am fairly strong on my own compared to some people, but there comes a time when you want to be part of a community - and being back at work should hopefully help me form new relationships. It is good that I can walk to work as well - my new workplace is around 35 minutes walk, and it's a nice walk too - this will save a bit of money.

Obviously, I want to carry on doing creative activities - and am concentrating on writing at the moment. I just hope and pray that my new job will not be too stressful or harsh - as a sensitive person, certain work environments are totally unsuitable for me. I need to have the energy to do writing once I get home from work (or maybe I could end up writing in the morning, as a friend of mine does). I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to establish a good work/life balance.

I have always thought that the resentment against the unemployed is partly due to people not enjoying their jobs and wishing they had more free time - but those same people would not be able to live on benefits money. I do feel uncomfortable when I see 'chavs' with 2 or 3 children - and I certainly don't agree with having a child so that you can get a bit of money - but then again, many of us have never been in their shoes - therefore cannot know why they act like they do. But I think that the majority of unemployed people are decent people who want to do something good with their life - it is just a shame that our f*cking media have fostered an attitude of resentment towards the unemployment, and also, sadly, a racist attitude in some people's cases. It is very sad that the nature of a lot of jobs is that of 'being able to thrive under pressure' and overworking their staff - no wonder that stress in the workplace is surely at an all time high since the day I was born. Hopefully this will change. Maybe some of these unemployed people that we are so quick to condemn are the kind of people who would find it very difficult to cope in a pressurised environment.

Anyway, I have a good feeling about my next job. There are still some companies that are good to work for, I am sure. Fingers crossed my next employer will be one of them.

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