Wednesday, 29 October 2014


There was a time when swearing was considered 'bad'. At least, I think there was. Nowadays, practically everyone swears. For me, swearing is an important part of life. I'm not saying you should be like some people and swear every other sentence in a normal situation - but I think I would have more emotions stored in my body if I didn't release them by swearing.
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I do most swearing when I'm on my own. I can get quite easily irritated, and just recently, I've been a bit shocked at the extent of my swearing. If there was a word count for the number of swear words I have uttered the last few days, I don't think I'd want to know. There does get a point when I feel I'm swearing too much, and need to cut down on it a bit. And sometimes, there are certain swear words which I could do with saying less. 'Fuck' is a pretty innocent word, though :) 

Now some people will say that swearing is wrong. I used to swear very little, but now that I'm living a more authentic life, I know I enjoy a bit of swearing. I don't think we should judge either way if someone thinks that swearing is good or bad. Times have changed. Swear words in themselves are neutral, and it depends on the conscience of the individual I think. Although I admit I do get a bit irritated by the religious viewpoint that swearing is wrong, and I spent years using non-swear words when a bit of swearing would have been better for clearing the air. 

What I dislike, though, is when people use swear words in every other sentence. A certain person who does not deserve to be spoken about in positive terms could barely say a sentence without using the f word, and I found it quite offensive. And being sworn at is something I certainly take exception to. Luckily, that hardly ever happens to me, and if it did, then I would like to think I would stand up for myself in no uncertain terms. 

What do you think about swearing? 

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