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Money matters again

I'll have some of that, albeit in pounds :)
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I've probably done at least three posts on money during my blogging journey. But as life changes, so does my perspective on things - generally speaking. However, money and thoughts about money is a subject that can often stay the same, or so it seems. I have had issues with money for a long time - feeling not deserving of much money, being on a low wage compared to most people my age, and not being able to afford plush holidays abroad.

Of course, I am not alone in having money issues. Many people, including those on a fair bit more money than I but who have more expenses (ie children for starters) struggle with money and feeling they don't have enough. And the cost of living is expensive in the UK, although things like the ludicrous 'need' for the latest technology don't help.

It would be wonderful if all these teachings about how to attract abundance actually worked. But for many people, they just don't, although I am guessing they must work for some. The main reason I don't like The Secret much is that it gave people false hope and made it sound easy to attract more money, by giving out nonsensical 'methods' such as seeing your bills as cheques to yourself. That's a bit like seeing alcohol as aloe vera. Bills are not cheques, and bills can be stressful to deal with.

I think that so many people are eager, sometimes desperate, for their financial situation to change, and that is why The Secret sucked in too many people it shouldn't have. Sometimes, finances can get worse before they get better. And if you've struggled for years with money and always had jobs on a low wage, it's unlikely you'll double your wage in six months. But what you can do is start where you are. It may be worth speaking to someone who is good with money or do hypnotherapy to uncover money blocks - because chances are, at least if my experience is anything to go by, that there is a deeper issue that you may not even be aware of that is affecting your ability to receive more money.

Money is a bit of a status symbol, and certainly one thing where it's easy to compare yourself to others. I find it hard that I'm on a low wage compared to a lot of people, to be quite honest. I don't know how much money I'll be able to earn in the next few years, but it would be nice if something shifted in regards to money, because the same patterns seems to repeat over and over again.

At the same time, it's more important to be happy than to have lots of money, and it does worry me, the extent to which people think money is going to solve their problems. Many people do the lottery who won't do anything to change their lives. Perhaps even worse is the crazy philosophy that people with lots of money shouldn't be depressed, which of course is as daft as saying that people with lots of money shouldn't be physically ill. That said, having lots of money does make certain things easier! Another worrying perspective of some of the British population, is to see rich people as 'bad'. Of course, some people with lots of money are quite nasty, but being rich in itself does not make a person bad. In fact, someone with lots of money who puts it to good use, is of more use to the world than a person with not so much money who does nothing but moan about the state of the economy. That said, what the government and banks have done is wrong. No-one can justify the disgusting bonuses that bankers and fat cats are getting.

In short, it's time for my money situation to turn around. But first, I have to accept where I'm at right now, and forgive the past.

I will doubtless do another money post in the future.
Wishing you well

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