Sunday, 14 December 2014

Is it time to step into the unknown again .. poetry

Musings from a scattered brain in the form of a poem ..

Things are coming to a head
Intense emotion is what I'm feeling
I cannot carry on the way I'm going
It is affecting my health and well being

Sometimes life pushes you into the unknown
As much as you try to fight it
You do not know where you are going
But you can't stay in a place you don't fit

The last two years of work have been a prison
Never thought this would happen to me
But it isn't worth risking your health
In order to earn some money

Sometimes you have to take a risk
And trust that life will meet you halfway
But often my intense fears
Can easily get in the way

I am as insecure as anyone
Get easily triggered when things don't go my way
The subconscious mind can be a devil
I often react in anger straight away

I have no money, few qualifications
I often feel trapped or alone
Why did I choose this life path
Sometimes I want an easy road

I have tried looking for inspiration
But am not quite sure what to do next
At the back of my mind
Are fears I could end up homeless

I find it hard to connect with people
I don't like initiating anything
Fear of rejection is an absolute bitch
Wish I could just get over it

I've tried my best to stay happy and positive
But it doesn't come naturally to me
Fingers crossed that 2015
Is a year I choose to be free

© Andrew M Bowker 2014 All written rights reserved

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