Wednesday, 14 January 2015


As human beings, we often seem to need to have something to do. We go to work, we get home, watch TV, or talk to the family if we have families. Or, for people like me, we go on the internet and use Facebook excessively, sometimes at coffee shops. Or maybe read a book.

What I look like when bored ..
Anything to keep ourselves occupied. But what when we can't find anything to 'do'? I've kind of been in that position recently. I do not like staying at home for any length of time, but in this weather, I don't tend to do too much walking. But I'm not working just at the moment, and feel it's the right thing to have a bit more time off, to process everything that has happened in the last few months. But sometimes I can find myself wishing I was 'doing' more.

I guess one of the reasons why we don't like being bored is that we have nothing to distract us from ourselves. Sitting down and not doing anything like watching the TV, reading a book or texting - can be a real challenge. The prospect of being with our feelings of boredom and not 'doing' anything, seems frightening.

And I must admit, I hate being bored. Usually, I try and do something, anything, to alleviate the boredom. Even if it's having a half-hour nap :) One of my friends suggested to sit with the boredom - ie. not trying to do something, but be present with whatever thoughts come up. It's something that I'm sure will help, even though it will be very uncomfortable in the beginning. Generally speaking, human beings don't like being by themselves. I often go to coffee shops or go for walks on my own, and most people I see are with at least one other person. And, usually, I take the laptop with me when I'm in coffee shops.

I'm not suggesting that you should deliberately try and do nothing for long periods of time. Rather, just to take things day by day and allow yourself time to be with yourself and allow whatever uncomfortable feelings come up - such as loneliness. I think it could be a real opportunity to break through to new levels of creativity and well being - if you are able to 'embrace' the boredom.

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