Monday, 12 January 2015


I've been wanting to do a blog post for days, but have felt no inspiration. I've started on a couple of posts but not finished them. Today, I feel little desire to do anything much .. the weather is pretty miserable which isn't helping, but I seem to need to be in the 'being' mode at the moment - which can be frustrating because I get easily bored.

I heard it said on Saturday that the times where nothing seems to be happening, are actually the times when things ARE happening. It is important to go through these barren times, and it's part of life. For one thing, you discover more of yourself during these times. When you are left with very little externally, that is the time to go inward. The mind hates this. My mind is currently in overdrive, and it's not necessarily fun when this happens.

It is a challenge to let go of trying to control and change a situation - be it in relationships, family, career, or addictions. But things only really start to change when we let go of the 'need' for things to be different.

Sometimes we have to get to a place where we feel desolate, fed up and frustrated - where all our efforts to fix ourselves have seemingly been in vain, and we have no other option but to let go and to change our perspective. Whilst it's important to take action at times, really our state of 'being' is as important as our 'doing', if not more so.

That's all for now ..
Until later

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