Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentine's Day post for 2015

Okay, so in the past I have posted Valentine's Day mini-rants on my blog. And there's certainly a case for being a bit cynical about all the commercialism and publicity. Some people probably have too much expectations of their partners. Some single people place far too much meaning on one day and end up feeling sorry for themselves, which honestly is a waste of time.

But, despite all the overhype and the fact that so much meaning is for some reason placed on a particular day - perhaps it is possible to find some positive meaning, whether you're single or taken. The commercialism isn't nearly as bad as Christmas (and that has got out of hand to the extent that I find it hard to think too positively of Christmas) - Valentine's Day is bearable. As a man (and let's be honest, most men aren't as bothered by these big days as the majority of women, although of course there are some exceptions) - I don't want to take any of these days - Valentine's Day, Easter or Christmas - too seriously.

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But what I want to do this time round is to awaken to love - and I don't just mean romantic love, although that would be nice - but the pure, divine love that is accessible to us as we awaken into our true selves. As I mentioned, I am going to an event in Leeds this weekend, called 'One Love Mini festival' - where like minded people are coming together in the spirit of love. There are a lot of energetic changes going on within many people right now, which are ultimately causing them to come to a realisation of their true selves. Love isn't just about going on a romantic restaurant date with flowers, looking gorgeous and telling someone how much you love them - true love, first and foremost, starts with yourself.

Of course, you shouldn't place so much significance on one day and forget what love is on lots of other days. But Valentine's Day, for some of us, could help bring more of a realisation of what love is - although we will never fully know, I guess. Enjoy yourself, whatever you get up to, and if you're single, use it as an opportunity to be good to yourself!

This is short and sweet, but I have nothing more to say.
Many blessings

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