Thursday, 2 April 2015

Animals - Day 1 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I love


Hello. So let's start out my making some points. Firstly, I have decided that the theme of this challenge will be 'Things I Love'. There isn't any particular reason for this, other than I often find it easier to talk about the more difficult stuff. Although the thought of making the theme 'Things I Hate' is also quite appealing .. :)
Secondly, the posts might be quite short and sweet. It takes me a while to write a long blog post, and the prospect of writing a long post almost every day of the month is a little draining.
Thirdly, I apologise for starting a day late. I have a slightly crappy internet connection at home, and recently it has been even worse than normal. So I'm in Caffe Nero now, where it is a lot easier to upload pictures.

So animals .. I like animals a lot. Particularly cats. Cats rock. I react to cute animals in a similar way that some people react to children. I like dogs as well - especially the really friendly jump up at you type of dogs. But if you were to ask me my favourite animal, I would probably say monkey. I think monkeys are the coolest dudes - maybe it's their similarity to as humans that makes them so cool. So below (and I hope this works) - here's a short video that I took at Wetlands Animal Park (near Retford). *Not showing the full video for some reason but I'll keep it on here*

Here are some pictures I took at the same venue,

I don't know what it is about animals - they just have this indefinable quality. A lot of people (admittedly, mostly women) wax lyrical about how cute small children are. I can't see it myself. Anyone who has young children and posts more pictures of their cat on Facebook than their kids, definitely gets my seal of approval :)
It is disgusting how animals can be treated, but I don't want to get onto that subject too much. And wasn't it weird how people got so uptight about horse meat, and yet eating lamb is perfectly acceptable? I am not vegetarian right now - maybe one day I will be - I don't personally believe you have to be vegetarian to be an animal lover. Anyway, I digress .. one thing I do think is that, in terms of animals being pets, that dogs and cats are allowed to be themselves, a lot more than humans. At least animals don't have a human mind. A lot of people say how much dogs are intuitive and know when people are feeling down, which is true, but I think that humans have these abilities too - it's just that our programming and conditioning focuses far too much on the mind.

I am not able to have any animals right now. My parents had two cats, and now they have a visiting cat (below)

Maybe I find animals easier to relate to because I don't have to talk to them - talking is not something that always comes easily to me. Animals are less complicated than humans. I think I would want a cat before a dog - I like dogs, but they can be quite high maintenance. I saw a ferret a few months ago, and they seem pretty cool. Anyway, this post feels like a bit of a random ramble in some ways, so I'll stop there and leave you with a couple more pictures that I've taken.

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  1. Cats, dogs and monkeys. Why not have one of each, or two lol

    1. Monkeys might be a bit difficult though :o)

  2. I have thought about getting a parrot and teaching it to say, "Help! I've been turned into a parrot." :D

    Not really, but it could be fun. I agree, though. Cats rock!


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