Wednesday, 8 April 2015

God - Day 7 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I Love

See the perfection in this beautiful world? 
Firstly, to make things clear, when I say 'God', I don't mean the supposedly male ruler of the world who sends people to hell if they don't obey him. This is an imagination of the human mind. It's my view that atheism is 'non-belief in the wrong idea of God'. If God is 'a' god, then I'm an atheist too. The fact that the God of the Bible is stereotyped as male, and the way that male rulers have fucked this world up for centuries should give you some clues that something is slightly amiss. Whilst I don't believe that God is gender specific, if anything, the female embodies more of the Divine than the male.

I don't believe that God is an actual person. But there's no way anyone can tell me that there is nothing here beyond the physical realm. I don't have any interest in science really, but science and scepticism seem to go hand in hand. I don't even know for sure if there is life after death - I think there probably is - but I definitely believe there is some kind of unseen power that is watching over the whole universe. Could such a beautiful world have really been created out of pure chance?

What do you believe about yourself?
I believe that we are all born with a divine nature - a God nature within us, if you like. I used to believe that we were born as sinners - and whilst there's no denying that there's a lot of evil within this world, I think it's more because people have been totally disconnected from their true selves rather than because evil is their nature. Other words that could be used for God are Source, Life, The Universe .. Source is probably my favourite one. Our true selves, our Divine nature, exists beyond the mind. The mind has come up with all sorts of ideas about who or what God is - but really, God is something that cannot really be defined, so perhaps what I'm writing here is a complete waste of time :) Another word that could be used for God, is Love. Love is who we truly are.

So when I say I love God - I still even today have a bit of an issue with the word 'God' because of how it has been misused - but another way of putting it is that I love life itself, this wonderful universe, the divine within all of us, and love learning more about who I really am.

Bye for now.

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