Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Life - Day 12 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I Love

Life is so much more than your human experience.
What is life anyway? When someone says 'I love life', they might mean 'I love MY life' - and there is nothing wrong with saying that - but life is so much more than one person's experience.

It might be easier to look at what life is NOT.
Firstly, life is not your life situation, nor is it your experiences or how you feel emotionally. Many of us go through situations that are very difficult, and it would not be natural in these times to have a beaming smile on your face saying 'I love life. Life is wonderful!' Sometimes, things in this world make you sad. The human mind can be a bit of a monkey too :)

Living in this world brings its share of ups and downs. You may feel on top of the world at one point in your life, and as if you're in a pit at another point. You may experience more pain than pleasure. Your 'life story' may be painful - mine certainly is - but there comes a point where we have to understand that life is more than our individual experiences.

You are inseparable from life itself. When you use the term 'my life' in the sense of your life story - eg. 'My life has been shit' - then in effect you're thinking of yourself as a separate 'me'. Life itself is fairly impartial to your life experiences. Life is the present moment. Life is nature. Life is everything that IS - and that's the best way I can describe it.

Life is beautiful. No-one can say that this universe is not beautiful, despite the efforts of greedy people to destroy it. You are one with what is. The power that sustains the universe and enables us to breathe is a miracle. And so are you.

I am looking forward to tomorrow's post when I talk about music. Until then ..

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