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Music - Day 13 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I Love

Me on the sexy saxophone .. thanks to an ex-housemate for this photo..
This is one of the easiest topics for me to pick, but possibly one of the hardest to write about! I don't think I would be suitably qualified to write about the technical aspects of music. So, let's keep it simple ..

Music is probably my favourite hobby/pastime of all, even bypassing football, writing and reading books. I do believe that 'music makes the world go round'. My life would certainly be a lot poorer were it not for music. The magical quality of music really is hard to define .. but it touches me deeply on a soul level.

I have quite a wide taste in music, but not everything is to my taste. What am I not keen on? Well .. hip hop, rap, country and folk music, manufactured pop, and the abominable 'Hey Ya' by Outkast, possibly my most hated song ever, although a lot of people seem to like it for reasons unfathomable to me. I'm not overly keen on a lot of today's music - I guess that's a generation thing - although there are some exceptions such as Paloma Faith (such a cool person too), Calvin Harris and Meghan Trainor.

What do I like? Well, of course, I love classical music, I love 80s music, and much of the 60s and 70s music too, Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie in particular. As for jazz, I guess I like it rather than love it? But a good bit of jazz now and again is cool. One genre I would like to explore a bit more is Latin music. Probably my favourite music act right now are the Gibson Brothers, whose most famous songs are 'Cuba' and 'Que Sera Mi Vida', both of which are great, but they've done other songs that I prefer. Check them out on Spotify (if you have it) or YouTube - well worth it. Their music is kind of a mix between Latin and disco. Oh and disco music - yes it's cheesy but hey you can't beat a bit of Chic when you're on the dance floor! I like dance music too, when it's good.

Classical music was my first love. I find it a little sad that many people don't explore classical music more - it's so beautiful to listen to. My tastes in terms of composers are a little different to a lot of classical music lovers, mainly because I'm NOT a big fan of Mozart, Bach or Beethoven - although I'm beginning to appreciate Bach a little more. It's mainly the music of the later 19th century and early 20th century that I love. My favourite composer is Maurice Ravel, who of course is most famous for the Bolero (Torvill and Dean anyone?) His music does not appeal to everyone, but I love it for its colourful and slightly quirky nature. Rachmaninov, Prokofiev and Debussy are amongst my other favourite composers. My favourite classical music piece of all is 'The Firebird' by Stravinsky - a work of true genius.

In terms of pop music, my favourite song is probably 'Modern Love' by David Bowie, followed by 'On The Beach' by Chris Rea. I didn't really get into pop music until my early teens - when Stock, Aitken and Waterman (remember them?) were still in fashion. Yes, I admit that I liked their stuff, and still do really. I can still listen to Bananarama quite happily .. I wasn't quite so keen on 90s music, with some exceptions including the brilliant Ben Folds Five, but their music was totally out of step with most music of the time.

I do like music LOUD, as certain people will be able to testify. When I've had a car, there's nothing I've liked more than turning the volume up when a good song is being played. Music is meant to be loud as far as I'm concerned - no-one ever goes to a party or club where the music is quiet. That said, I don't like trying to talk to people over loud music, as my voice doesn't carry very far :)

In terms of musical instruments, I first played the violin, an instrument I love, but hated playing. Then I wanted to play the trumpet, but couldn't get the right blowing technique, whatever that is .. I then went on to the clarinet, and then the saxophone. I played the saxophone at church for many years, but after leaving church and moving location, I have not played in any sort of group since. My brother liked writing music, but that was never something I got into - I actually wrote one or two songs for the church, but never felt it was especially my forte.

I like singing, and wish I had the voice of a world class singer, but sadly I don't :)

Anyhow that's it for now. Hope you found at least some of this interesting.

Tomorrow, N will be for Nature and there will be plenty of photos.

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