Thursday, 16 April 2015

Nature - Day 14 of A to Z Blogging Challenge- Things I Love

I am a bit of an outdoor person. That doesn't mean I am into lots of long walks or crazy activities such as rock climbing - but I need to be outdoors at least once a day in order to preserve my sanity. Staying indoors for too long gives me cabin fever.

This world is so beautiful. There is so much to see, even on your own doorstep. Trees, rivers, mountains, colour, beaches, sea - it's no wonder that nature is such a healer. Sometimes, the best solution to the blues is just to go for a walk in a quiet place, without too many people and buildings.

There's also different weather conditions too, which can enhance the beauty of nature in their own way. I wouldn't wish there to be snow too often, but you can sure get some beautiful pictures from the snow:

 And of course, pictures can definitely look nice with a bit of sunshine:

I guess my favourite things to see are the mountains and the sea, and I also love the countryside. We are certainly not short of countryside where I live. I also enjoy a visit to the woods - a good place to go when I'm in a contemplative mood. Trees, of course, are an important part of nature. Probably the best walk I've ever been on was around Thruscross Reservoir in North Yorkshire - it had also been snowing just before I went - so I managed to get some great pictures of trees and snow.

Nature is an important part of life, and, providing you have the mobility, it is advisable to make use of the great outdoors. Even when you're feeling sluggish, if you can, get yourself outside. One of the biggest problems in the work environment today is that people get too confined to their desk without much of an outdoor break. In my last job, we weren't even allowed to go outside at all except for a 30 minute lunch break. That is seriously not healthy.

I'm so glad there is so much to see in our world. Flowers, trees, grass, countryside, mountains, rocks .. nature is great.

So that's the letter N .. erm not sure what to do for letter O yet?! We shall see. Until later.

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