Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Sunshine - Day 19 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I Love

I would not call myself a sun worshipper, and I don't like extremely hot weather. But it's nice to have a bit of sunshine - my perfect weather is warm rather than hot hot hot. The weather in Yorkshire suits me quite well when it's nice - as it's never really baking hot. 

It's just nice to have some fine weather because, in the UK, the weather is pretty harsh at times, and it can get you down. It's fairly obvious that being outdoors is healthy, and the sun makes it easier to be outdoors. Our working environments often don't allow people to take advantage of the weather as much as they should - any workplace that doesn't allow some breaks away from the desk, as well as the lunch break, really is treating its employees slightly badly. One of my previous employers in particular springs to mind. 

Also, the blue sky is a good excuse to take photos .. so I'm going to leave this post very short and sweet and leave you with a few pictures. 

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