Thursday, 23 April 2015

Truth - Day 20 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I Love

What is truth, anyway? Is anything REALLY true? Truth is very subjective. Many religions claim to be 'the way' and cults have brainwashed people, even to the point of dying for the cause.

A friend of mine says to 'speak your truth' and for me, truth is what you make it to be. Truth doesn't necessarily have to mean a religious or spiritual pathway, although it can be. Truth is also being honest and transparent about how you feel, about what is happening in your life. And this can be hard - as we are often scared about talking about what's really real for us - the things that we're struggling with, the ways in which we might be depressed, the things that might not make us popular.

Often, we want people to think that we're doing just fine, that we are a good person, that we inspire others .. but what about the 'bad stuff'? I think, no matter who you are, no matter how enlightened you might seem to be, that you need to be honest about the supposed 'bad stuff'. That doesn't mean that you have to tell the whole world, of course - and it's advisable to only tell a limited number of people about your struggles - but being really honest will help you become more free.

You may have views that are controversial and difficult for some people to digest, but that are true for you. If you feel strongly enough about them, then perhaps it's best to 'speak your truth' rather than remain silent. These views could be about politics, the environment, animals - you name it. It's easy to want to keep the peace - and heaven knows, I've been guilty of this more than I care to remember - but sometimes, you have to be brave and say what you think.

Truth can definitely mean a spiritual pathway - I have principles I believe and follow, that work for me, and that don't harm anyone. I love the beliefs about spirituality, God and life that I have now, and they are my truth.

What is truth to you?

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