Saturday, 25 April 2015

Vision - Day 22 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I Love

How big is your vision? 
Again, this was another 'phone a friend' topic that was chosen, although via the means of Facebook rather than the phone. 

It's a good topic. The well known quote from the Bible goes 'without a vision, the people perish' - and whilst I don't think this means perish in the sense of literal death, I think, without any kind of vision, it's easy to lose heart. 

What exactly, though, is vision - because it's a term that, for me at least, can seem a bit ambiguous. Obviously there's vision in terms of eyesight, but the type of vision that I'm referring to can be defined as this: 

'the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom'

Now, the obvious thing that comes to mind for me is - how do you reconcile this with living in the present moment? I do agree that too much future planning can detract you from living in the NOW. And also, I don't necessarily find it easy to plan the future, for various reasons. However, as long as any future planning does not make you feel bad about where you are now, then it's a good thing. 

I also think that any planning has to be done without attachment to outcomes, and with room for flexibility. Plus, for me, short term planning is better than long term planning - you might be a long way from your ultimate goals, and whilst it's good to have an idea of what you ultimately want, it's likely to take time to achieve that. So one step at a time is my motto. 

We often think of vision in terms of external factors - like business planning, career planning, or a vision of the kind of house or family you want. But how about envisioning the person you would like to be? The kind of person that you would like to portray to others? To be kind and generous? The kind of partner, parent, friend that you would like to be? 

Anyhow, this leaves me with food for thought .. Monday's topic will probably be Walking. 


  1. Ha! I love the phone a friend idea, I wish I had thought of that! You're doing great, best of luck on the last few days of the challenge.


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