Tuesday, 28 April 2015

X? Day 24 of A to Z Blogging Challenge - Things I Love

I can't really think of any suitable topics beginning with the letter 'x'. The most obvious one is xylophones, which I do genuinely love, but it would be a hard job doing a post about xylophones.

X is obviously used as a kiss, and of course we all like a good kiss .. XXX .. well .. I wouldn't want to ruin my reputation by doing a post about THAT.

So we will leave the letter X as a bit of a mystery letter. Life is a mystery. No-one knows what's going to happen from one day to the next.

And the mystery of life is definitely something to ponder at times.

So that's it - tomorrow's post will be a bit easier - I'm going to talk about Yorkshire.


  1. Hi. I've come here through A-to-Z challenge.
    This is my second time to take part in it, and the letter 'X' almost discouraged me from signing up for the challenge. Last year, I managed to write about 'xylophone.' This year, I've written about something else.

    We have only two more days left until we complete this challenge!

    Letters from the Land of Cherry Blossoms

    1. good one - I shall check it out :)


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