Friday, 22 May 2015


I am feeling a bit restless today. It's all part of the balancing act - how do I integrate the 'Higher Self' - and how do I let life flow and trust that everything is working out perfectly - at the same time as living in this difficult world.

A key word for me here is 'trust'. One of the hardest times for me to trust, is when I feel that my body is telling me to rest, or when I feel resistance to something. This culture of 'do, do, do, fight to achieve the best, be busy all the time' has become somewhat ingrained in western society, and perhaps it takes a certain amount of courage to relax and let life take its course.

Sometimes, the best ideas come after we allow our heads to be cleared. And certainly, if we try and force something to happen, it just doesn't work. The amount of times I've tried to work out in my head where I'm going with my career .. and got nowhere.

Restlessness could also be a sign that something deeper needs to be looked at. The excellent Lee Harris talks about it in this video called 'Overthinking and Emotional Chaos' - when the head feels a bit restless, look deeper down. Overthinking can mean that there is a deeper emotion that needs to be looked at and be felt.

Overthinking, and restlessness, can and often does (in my case anyway) lead to brain freeze and inactivity - you can easily just end up mulling over very little that matters. What is the emotion that, deep down, could be causing this? I think it's good to take time out and relax, and sometimes, instead of doing nothing but feeling bad about it, it's important to just be present and not try too hard to be productive.

So that's what I'm going to do this afternoon .. Enjoy your day.

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