Monday, 1 June 2015

2015 - the year so far - what I've learnt

Hasn't 2015 been a rollercoaster year and a bit so far .. but I seem to be saying that about every year! This year, in particular, has seen some big changes for me, some for fairly obvious reasons. On a personal level, I've met some great new people, and learnt a lot.

I know that you cannot open your heart until you are ready. The mind does not give up without a fight. Often, people have to be pushed pretty near the edge before they can surrender. That seems to be human nature.

Sometimes, you have to be taken apart before you can become whole again. It does not matter how messed up your mind is, what your history is, what thoughts you struggle with - you can still awaken, right now, where you are.

I've learnt that it is important to ask for help or tell someone what you're going through. As much as it would be easier if someone instinctively knew that you were struggling, that doesn't often happen. It's easy to keep our struggles hidden inside and try to go it alone .. but it's impossible to live a truly successful life if you don't face your struggles .. and telling other people is a big help.

Be willing to face pain and do whatever it takes to reclaim the wholeness that is your birthright. Be aware of your thoughts but do not identify with them. Thoughts are not who 'you' are. You are pure awareness and consciousness.

So anyway, life goes on. It's not all plain salling. Sometimes I get sick of it all. Some people say that they wouldn't change what they've been through .. whilst there's some things I wouldn't change, I honestly wouldn't wish some of what I've experienced on my worst enemy (not that I have any enemies, of course, wink). It's been fucking hard and horrible at times. But again, you can experience love and freedom right now, even though you may have to work through things.

We have been so conditioned to live from the mind, which actually isn't a natural way to live - the wars and negativity are surely evidence of that. It is time to awaken from the unconscious state.

Yes, it's been quite a year ...

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