Tuesday, 23 June 2015


His name is Judd ..

The books were there, in the corner of the room - including a colouring book which he bought, just to try and take his mind off things, but had never started. Where were the crayons? Perhaps hidden away in one of the crates which hadn't been unpacked. A pencil and black pen were on the floor, but it would be pretty boring to use them in a colouring book.

The cat was on the window sill, meowing, probably wanting some food. Cats - they pretend to love you but there's only ever one thing they're after. It must be an easy life being a cat. The TV was switched on for background noise, and there he was, checking the latest Facebook notification from some relative he didn't like.

'Why can I not concentrate on one thing at a time?' he thought, whilst hoping that he would be visited by some divine beings or a flash of white light, just to give him some peace in the midst of the storm. 'These bloody angels, they don't like me', he muttered to himself, and then went to check his emails. Nothing exciting there. After feeling mentally exhausted yet again, he decided to go for a walk, whilst the sky was still light.

Some cars sped up the road, no doubt driven by testosterone fuelled young men. A tramp headed towards him, who he tried to avoid. 'No time to speak to those down and outers', Judd thought to himself. The trees were in full bloom, and the sky was slightly grey. He headed towards the town, in the hope that some shops would still be open. Maybe he might find some crayons. He saw some people walking past, who looked a bit like what they call 'chavs'. Real hard, like, or tried to pretend they were. 'I'm glad I'm not like them', he whispered, realising that he was still as judgmental as he had been 5 years ago.

'Oi mate, got some spare change?' said the next person coming towards him. It was hard to tell if that person was homeless or whether he wanted money for drugs. 'No I haven't', said Judd, even though he had a fiver and some coins on him. 'I just need the money for some food', said the beggar. 'Ok, I'll get you something from the cornershop. Whaddaya fancy?' 'I'll get something from McDonalds'. 'Ok, I'll get you something from McDonalds, it's not far. What do you want from there?' At this point, the beggar started getting defensive, saying he needed the money for food, but if you were that desperate, you wouldn't refuse for someone to buy you food, right? So Judd walked on by and headed towards the direction of the nearest supermarket.

I don't normally write fiction, and this storyline does have a loose resemblance to my own life. Just thought I'd do something a bit different :) To be continued maybe ..

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