Sunday, 14 June 2015

Life on benefits

The path I've chosen is not easy but there is always hope.
I want to make this post, partly because I am angry at people on benefits being targeted by the media and being portrayed as, bascially, worthless human beings. You might say 'Andy, I know you're not a lazy person', but wait. If you watch stupid programmes like Benefits Street, ask yourself why? Is it because you're jealous that people don't work and seem to have an easy life? I have never watched that kind of filth, and I don't know the ins and outs of each person involved, but - do you REALLY want to be like the people who deliberately con the benefits system? And do you honestly think that that's what being on benefits is REALLY like for many people?

Benefits Street is the kind of program that caters to the human ego, the 'Poor me, I work really hard and am paying for those lazy scroungers to live.' I can tell you now, the majority of people would not be able to cope with the situation I've been in over the last three months as well as I have, although admittedly experience has taught me a lot. Whilst I'd absolutely rather be doing what I'm doing now than work in another hellish job, and needed to take some time out, living on benefits is not the doss that people might think. Especially if you have absolutely no savings and a poor bank balance. Here's an idea of what it's like.

- Living from day to day, being unable to socialise half as much as you'd like, because it's just a fact that socialising costs money unless you have an intelligent plan in place.
- Living on my own and living far away from my family makes things difficult at times. I'm not sure I've ever felt more isolated than during the last three months.
- The worry over whether my benefits are going to be stopped. I do believe that the universe has a better plan and will keep me safe, but it can be scary at times.
- Occasionally going without food, although, thankfully, this has not happened much.
- Having bills that I do not have the money to pay and being chased for them.

Honestly, it's hard to believe sometimes that the universe is not against me. Reacting favourably to life when circumstances seem to be saying exactly the opposite to what you want, when your back's against the wall, is possibly one of the hardest things to do, and it takes time. We're so conditioned to believing that life is against us when things are not going so well.

Maybe, this is what life is trying to teach me right now ...

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